Saturday, October 15, 2011

Star Time

I'm listening to the accoustic version of this song now. I posted the lyrics, translation, with mp3 of the old version before in this entry. This is one of my favorite of all Hey!Say!JUMP's songs, and now they made the accoustic version and they sing it in more mature and grown up voices. Ryosuke Yamada's voice has improved really really a lot compared to the old version. I love his voice so much in here. Actually, I like both versions of Star Time, but I'm a huge fan of ballad, so this version sounds a little bit better for me. It's shorter though, and there's no epic ending by Yuto and Yabu. As I'm writing this post now, I've been listening to Star Time accoustic version for more than 10 times and still continue repeating it. Yuto's first line still sounds beautiful as always. I like Chinen's voice in the past better than this one. Yabu and Hikaru's voices don't changed much and always sound good. It's a little thing like this that makes my love for this Japanese boyband never fades away... :')

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