Thursday, October 20, 2011

Picture of the day: The Boys in Pink

credit scan to MoMozZz@baidu and heysayjump59@LJ
I know this is just another cover magazine. The only reason I need to put this picture in one of my Picture of the Day is because the boys look so beautiful. They always look amazing, but this one looks sooo pretty. Usually, there is one person who would look not so good in the picture, but this time, each and every one of them looks so beautiful, handsome, pretty, gorgeous, charming..... *speechless

I actually love how Yuya, Keito, and Inoo are placed in the front row :3 I love Yuya and Keito's hairstyle. Hikaru still has his blonde hair. I don't know until when he will keep his hair blonde since his drama's already over, but I'm totally fine with that, because his blonde hair just adds his awesomeness <3 Inoo is pretty as always. The others are just beautiful. I love the pink color in their lips and I love their white and pink outfits. They look bright and glowing. This photoshoot is beautiful. Enough said :3

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