Friday, October 7, 2011

NEWS Splitting Up

Wow, two post in a day. Too bad, this one is not going to be a happy entry like the previous one. The news has spread all over the place. Two 'leaders' of NEWS have leaving NEWS. WTH!! From 9 members, to 8, to 6, and now they become 4?! Oh JOHNNY..!

You can read each comments of every members of NEWS in this post

Tegoshi's comments really teared me up. Like, really, he's not the one who need to say sorry. :')

And you know what? I just cried for an hour. Yeah. I know. That's stupid for crying over a boyband? Sheila on 7 was losing members. Westlife was losing Bryan. So why didn't I cried when that happened to them? Maybe because I was still a kid when that happened. I didn't really understand everything. But NEWS?! Yamapi and Ryo are like 'the most important' members in NEWS. I'm not saying that they are my favorite because they are not. It's just, I just started became a fan of NEWS for these past few months, and I started love the six members dearly. I join the other fans who are waiting for their comeback. Well, after no activity for almost two years, this news suddenly come. Many people in the fandom are feel betrayed. I don't feel betrayed, but I am feeling totally sad.

Oh well... Life must go on. Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, and Masu will continue as 4 members of NEWS and I will give my whole support on them really. Now each four of you will shine more and more. I'll be rooting for the new NEWS! Yamapi has million fans. He will be alright with his solo, and so does Ryo. Good luck for both of you. =)

NEWS Fans... Ganbatte kudasai. Now I'm sure that NEWS Fans will be the greatest and the strongest fans ever. They have through a lot of hard times before. They will be able to move forward. Time will heal the pain. Let's support the 4 everlasting members :')

PS: Now I wondering how they're gonna sound when they sing NEWS Nippon and those NEWS songs in the concert as four people without Yamapi and Ryo? *brb crying in the corner*

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