Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magic Power PV

This PV is probably not something that I will proudly show off to my friends to introduce HSJ, unless they are 10 years old. Oh well, I will still show it to my friends, though. I don't think the PV was bad. To be honest, I love the cheerfulness and the happy feeling I get everytime I'm watching and re-watching it. I like the lightning. I like their 70's dance step and outfits. I really like the setting too.  I like the fact that JUMP Band is included in this PV. We only got a chance to see them in concert or Shounen Club performance sometimes, so it's really great that they finally make a 'debut' appearance in a PV :3 Actually, I really like the fact that for the first time, Keito got quite number of spotlights for himself. In previous PVs, he was almost always invisible. I've realized since the very beginning that Keito has some kind of enchanting aura, especially when he holds his precious guitar, and the director finally noticed it too. Maybe because one member is not here for now. Oh well, at least Ryutaro will have something funny to watch while taking a 'holiday' for uncertain time. He better come back soon. 

Anyway, unlike most of JUMP fans, I don't have problem with the song. I like it since the very first time I heard it. It's so catchy and cheerful and happy (most of HSJ fans thought the song is childish, but hey, I'm childish too so that does not matter) The song will definitely raise your gloomy mood into... genki mood? Oh well, this is for The Smurfs Japanese version theme song btw. Kids will definitely love to dance and sing along with this song. I would love to do it too, but I have to make sure that nobody's gonna see me, lol. And what I love the most about this PV is the smiling and laughing faces in Hey! Say! JUMP members. They look so bright :D Yuya's smile is flawless. He looks best in every kind of outfits. Btw, I always love the combination of Yuya and Ryosuke's voices, and they have a little bit of duet part in this song. I'm a very happy fangirl :3

The single itself is filled with many good songs. There are 6 songs in the single but I will share only 4 of them since they are my favorites. Dozou~
1. Magic Power : mediafire
2. School Days - Hey! Say! BEST : mediafire
3. Get - Hey! Say! 7 : mediafire
4. Beat Line : mediafire
credit goes to Aisuki and Johnny's Entertainment.

Actually, I've got tons of things to say about every single song I mentioned above, but I think I'll just keep it for myself as people don't really care, right? You should listen to it yourself and judge it yourself.

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