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Ikemen Desu Ne (Jdrama)

This drama is a remake of Korean Drama You're Beautiful which was broadcasted in 2009. A remake will always be compared to original, but I, who have watched both versions, dare to say that Ikemen Desu Ne is just as good and maybe even better at some points than You're Beautiful. But that's just my opinion. So, without further ado, let's get to the story~

Miko and Mio
Similar to its original story, this drama revolves around a heroine named Miko Sakuraba (Miori Takimoto). She is a novice who wants to be a nun but currently in training. She was going to go overseas in order to become a real nun. Miko is clumsy but she has high spirit and never gives up. Miko has a twin brother named Mio and both of them had been separated with their parents since they were kids, that's why Mio aimed to be professional artist to become famous. That way, he wished that he and his sister could find their mother. The twins are blessed with musical talents from their parents.

One day, a guy from famous agency visited Miko. He is Hajime Mabuchi (Shingo Yanagisawa) who brought the news that Miko's twin, Mio, has been chosen to be the new member of Japanese current phenomenal band, A.N.JELL, but due to a little accident, Mio had to have nose surgery abroad and couldn't attend the contract signing. To avoid scandals about Mio and A.N.JELL, Mabuchi asked Miko to diguise herself as Mio and replace him for three months. Miko was aware with Mio's real aim on becoming an artist is to find their mother. So, Miko agreed to help Mio until he's recovered from his surgery.

Miko who had been living in a church and learned to become a nun was surprised with the new circumstances and environment she got in. She is forced to live with the other three members of A.N.JELL who are all guys and handsome. She also had to deal with entertainment world. The other three members of A.N.JELL are:

1. Ren Katsuragi (Yuta Tamamori), the leader and vocalist of the band, a perfectionist, a clean-freak, and very picky with foods. He has a sassy attitude, divo like, and arrogant. He easily gets angry. Ren writes most of the songs and music in the album. Behind those annoying characters and behavior, Ren is actually a lonely guy who is longing for his mother's love, and cared a lot about his friends. But due to the incident in his past, Ren became a cold person and couldn't trust anyone.
2. Shu Fujishiro (Taisuke Fujigaya) is in charge of guitar, and the nice guy in the group. Shu is the most mature in term of character and always calm. Shu is like the oldest brother in the group. He tends to put his feelings aside and put someone else's happiness above his own. Although he looks shy outside, he actually feel things the most and very loyal. Like a prince charming who is adored by many girls because of his cool and calm nature. Shu is so gentle to people around him.
3. Yuki Hongo (Hikaru Yaotome), just like his name, he's a very courageous person. Yuki is A.N.JELL's drummer who always light up the place with his go-easy-go-lucky attitude. Yuki has an innocent aura and cared about his friends. Yuki has a special secret bus which he always ride when he's feeling down and needs to reset things on his own. Behind his cheerful character, Yuki is always so thoughtful about people who are dear to him. 
Miko as Mio must gain trust from Ren to approve her as a member of the band, which is not easy at all since Ren has been disagree with the idea of having new member. He couldn't trust anyone to sing his song, and Miko's clumsiness makes Ren irritated. But at the same time, Ren couldn't help but think a lot about this new member. It didn't take long for Ren to find out that Miko is a girl disguising as a boy. At first, Ren couldn't accept this and hated Miko even more, but in the end he was touched with Miko's effort and reasons behind her disguise is to find her mom. Although Ren was hesitant because he had bad memories with his mom, he start to believe in Miko's words that if she prays from the bottom of her heart and she strives for it, someday she will be able to find her mom. Ren promised to keep Miko's secret and protect her until her brother back.

Shu is actually the one who first discovered Mio's real gender, but unlike Ren, he didn't come to Miko and said it. Instead, he decided to keep the secret without telling Miko and protect her from afar. Ever since then, Shu develops feelings to Miko and it keeps getting stronger. He fell in love with Mio/Miko secretly, but Miko was unaware with this because she thinks that no one knew her secret except Ren and therefore there is no way that any members in the group would fall for her. Besides, she also thinks of Shu as older brother.

Yuki is the only one who is clueless about Mio's true identity and yet he also fell for her. Yuki thought he was suddenly became a gay for loving Mio/Miko and keeps denying the fact that he was attracted to her. Yuki's love is so innocent that he finally decides to accept the possibility of himself being a gay and keeps loving Mio. Yuki was really glad when he was told that Mio/Miko is actually a girl and relieved that he is not one of 'those' people 😂

Although the three guys have fallen for her, Miko is clueless about that. The one whom Miko in love with is Ren because she thought Ren was the only one who knows that she is a girl at first, and Ren has always been there to protect her. Miko and Ren develops such a good relationship as the time passed, although they argue most of the time, but Miko and Ren can be themselves while they are around each other. Ren is not as annoying as he was when he is with Miko. Miko realized her feelings is getting stronger that she became desperate and afraid of broken heart. 

There is also Nana, another famous actress who is attracted to Ren and aware with Miko's true identity as well as her feelings for Ren. In order to separate her from Ren, she forced Ren to pretend as her boyfriend otherwise she will reveal the secret. Nana always acts as a good fairy in front of media, but the truth is she is faking herself to gain popularity. It's interesting to see her change of character.
The rivalry between three members to get Mio/Miko is heartbreaking and funny at the same time. The story is not only revolves around love triangle or quarter (lol), there is an aspect of family as well. The secret between Miko/Mio and Ren's parents becomes the most important thing for their relationship.

Why I prefer Ikemen Desu Ne over You're Beautiful?

It's not about beautiful face
The actors bring justice to the characters. At first, most of the fans are hesitant with this drama because they are not as handsome or pretty as the Korean actors, but in the end, we all fall in love with their acting and story they conveyed. Beauty is a matter of preference, and I don't think we can compare it. I personally love this version because like most Jdramas, it has a fast pace and get to the point instead of adding unnecessary scenes or dialogues.

Ren Katsuragi is the new Tsukasa Doumyoji
He is a tsundere and a good one. Tsukasa is my favorite Tsundere and I never thought that Yuta / Ren would be able to pull of such a character. He can be annoying yet adorable at the same time. Stubborn and scary but somehow he can give warm feeling too. I thought only MatsuJun can do this, but Yuta made a great portrayal as well, considering this is his first lead role, he nailed it.

Shu shows emotions instead plain expression 
Unlike Shin Woo who seemed like a poker face person (in my opinion), Shu brings out more emotions and actually show what kind of pain he felt when he was jealous or insecure. He is quite and calm, but he can show a strong feeling through his intense look and expression. Some emotions that Shin Woo failed to show, is successfully shown in this drama because of Taipi's great acting skill. 

Hikaru portrayed Yuki in his own style
Hikaru never try to act like Jeremy at all. He has different adorableness and he isn't exaggerating it. He can be very cheerful but when he got serious, you can feel strong emotions from him as if his cheerfulness really disappeared. He really is one the finest actors in JE, I wish I could see him in more different roles.
One of the best chemistry ever
Tama and Miori is just perfect for the roles and their chemistry is naturally beautiful. You don't feel any awkwardness between them even when they have to say some cheesy romantic lines. Unlike the Kdrama version, the fans supported Mi Nam to be with Shin Woo instead of Tae Kyung and that's because the lack of chemistry between them. In IDN, it is obvious why Mio fell in love with Ren. The fans couldn't see her with anyone else but Ren. That's because the drama didn't confuse you with too much scenes between the main lead and second lead. The chemistry between Ren and Mio is one that felt the strongest. Even after Tama and Miori had a drama with other actors and actresses, we still can't get over the chemistry between those two and none of their co-stars could beat it so far. Much like MatsuJun and Inoue Mao, Tama and Miori have left a great impression in their portrayal as couple.

The bond of family and friendship
Family and friendship always becomes the most important aspect in Jdrama. The drama shows more of Ren's mother warm character and the way Ren eventually forgive her is really heartwarming. I love how Jdrama write their dialogue, they are so good when it comes to deep conversation about family, and the ones that Ren and his mother had was not a long conversation, and yet it contains a lot of important things: short and straight yet hit right in the feels.

The director is useful. 
The director didn't just bossing around and say random English. He actually made an effort to find out about Mio and Miko, but still supporting her in the end although he had been deceived with her disguise, he still cared about her and motivate her to chase her dream and believe on what her heart says. Unlike the Kdrama vers, the director didn't know anything about Mi Nam's true identity.
The Iconic Things become very important. Jdrama always make some things iconic and make it become a treasure which seems really important. Those things will remind the viewers about the story. Like the hairpin Ren gave to Miko, the pig-rabbit doll, the stars, the necklace, and Miko's mother ring.... these things been shown many times in each episodes, in different circumstances that makes you understand how important it is, they don't just randomly show these things in any scenes. They really become treasures and important things for its respective owner and the feelings reach us.

Miori looks handsome as a guy
Although she still looks like girl while playing Miko who disguised as Mio, but in episode 10 when he played as real Mio with that CG guy body, he looks really handsome. Like... a real man 😂 I kinda wish they will show more of this Mio because I believe Miori will play it brilliantly as a real guy, not as a girl who disguised herself as a guy. Of course he needs to show feminism as Miko, but if he really plays as the real Mio, with that CG guy body of course, I'm sure it will be more interesting.

Anyway, this drama is very recommended. And the soundtracks are really nice too. It's the same soundtracks from the Korean version but they add new songs in it. And the ending is really better than the original, especially if you watch the whole special episode. :)

PS: The gifs were taken from tumblr. Feel free to message me if you want to be credited or wants me to take it down. Thank you :)

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gadistya.n said...

post yang sangat panjang dan gue bahkan ga baca sampai akhir... terus, kenapa gue ngomen? haha, jalan pikirnya cukup rumit. lo ngomongin ikemen desune, which is the japan remake version of you're beautiful, where Jung Yong Hwa played as sin woo (shu-nya, I guess). Nah ceritanya, gue lagi ngefans banget sekali sama C.N. Blue, grup band dimana Yong Hwa adalah leader/guitarist/vocalist nya.

Dan, gue ga bisa ga komen kalo ada yang ngomongin apapun yang ada hubungannya sama C.N. Blue, termasuk ikemen desune yang punya hubungan cukup rumit dengan C.N. Blue, wakakakakak xD

oiya, you're beautiful juga diperanin Park Shin Hye (Miko-nya), yang menurut gue sangat manis kalo lagi berdua Yong Hwa.

kacau..... maaf ya cha, gue meracau di blog lo (lagi)

Denisa said...

santai, gue juga nonton You're Beautiful kok dan disitu emang Shin Hye lebih cute sama Yong Hwa. Tapi kalo di Jepangnya, Mio lebih cute sama Ren. Dan gue gak suka ending di Koreanya =,= makanya pas gue nonton ending di versi Jepang yg ternyata gak sama, gue jadi seneng, wakakakak.

gadistya.n said...

sejujurnya gue kaga nonton you're beautiful, wakakakak. gue kemarin abis nonton heartstring, yang main yong hwa sama shin hye juga. walaupun ceritanya biasa aja, tapi lumayan bikin ngiri soalnya mereka chemistrynya dapet banget haha.

aduh, kalo udah ngomongin yong hwa rasanya gaa bisa berhenti <3

Denisa said...

Zzz... gimana dah. Ya udah nonton Ikemen Desu Ne aja lumayan lebih singkat, padat, dan kocak wakakak *promosi

streaming di dramacrazy lumayan kalo lagi bengong =w=

choi eun ra said...

hmm,, maaf ya komen,,
bukan na agak membedakan atau membela yg salah,,
#apa sih... :P
klo Q ga salah mengartikan kata 'remake' ya... secara gak langsung arti na tuh mengarah klo 'ikemen desu ne' itu film yang ngikutin 'you're beautiful'...
setau ku cerita ini tuh dari komik jepang bukan (tp Q lupa judul na :P)??
~klo slah maff,, :P
jd ralat ja gimana klo 2 film ini mengikuti sebuah komik jepang, takut kasus na kya BBF,, Q denger ada bentrok gitu antara fans Jpop & Kpop, tentang duluan BBF pa hanayori dango. (gra2 slah nulis klo hanayori dango itu ngikutin BBF pdhal kta tmn Q hanayori dango duluan, :P )
Tp disini emang you're beautiful duluan yg tyang kan,, :D
#oh maaf...
kayak orang yg demo ya,, panjang bgt,, :P

dmi kepentinga bersama,, :)
maaf ya omongan na ga jelas,, :S

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

haha kali ini remake ini bukan diangkat dari komik jepang. You're Beautiful adalah drama original dari Korea, kemudia Jepang membuat remake-nya :) Jadi, yaaa mereka berkiblat pada Kdrama-nya langsung, gak kayak BBF atau Hanadan yang berkiblat pada manganya hehe.

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