Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fourth

To Yabu, your voice will always be my favorite of all JUMP members. You're a good leader. The born-to-be star who always managed to get everything perfect on stage. Stay awesome, and please eat more :3

To Yuya, you are my reason to love Hey! Say! JUMP and you will always be my number one. Keep the childishness in you alive, yo. You're not perfect in dancing nor acting, but you've improved a lot. I'm proud of you :)

To Inoo-chan, you're an awesome college student. You'RE voted as the smartest person in Johnny recently, right? I hope you can be an awesome architecture in the future. And your randomness is the best!! and also your piano playing :D

To Hikaru, the blonde ikemen. You're probably one of the best actors of all JUMP members. I really adored your acting skills. And btw, it's fine if your jokes always failed yo, because you never fail to make me laugh. :*

To Daichan, the forever 15 years old kid. Lol... seriously, your face, your hair, and especially your height, hasn't changed since debut time. Maa, that's okay because that makes people love you more. Keep the kindness in your heart, little penguin :)

To Keito, you will always be the coolest member ever. The you now has improved really a lot since debut time. I can't see the awkward little boy who didn't know how to speak Japanese properly in you anymore. Stay gentle :)

To Yuto, no one's gonna hate you. They just can't. You're too lovable to be hated. I always love it when you play your drum enthusiastically and how sincere you are in your action. And you have the best smile ever. The child smile that never changed since you were kid... :3

To Yama-chan, You're surrounded by many crazy fangirls. Does it make you become arrogant? No. You're humble and you're very kind and sometimes a little stupid. Ah, please study more so you won't be beaten in Yan Yan JUMP quizzes anymore xP

To Chinen, the one with the brightest brain and has many talents. Is there anything that you can't do? Height? Lol... don't worry, I'm sure you will gain more heights in the near future. Ah, good luck with Ohno-kun :P 

To Ryutaro, the youngest who doesn't want to be treated as the youngest, lol. Right now, you have to focus on your study, so do what you have to do. Hey! Say! JUMP is ten letters with ten members, so it's not complete without you. Come back soon... :)

To all these wonderful young man who have brought many happiness in my life, Thank you very much. I never really love an idol as much as I love all of you, guys. I will treasure you as long as I can. To everyone in Hey! Say! JUMP, let's continue this magical story for eternity . :) 

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