Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rahma Putri!!

So, you're 19 years old now. I see you have gained some weight too. When we were in High School, I remember how tinny you were and you complain about your weight. :P

I don't really have anything to say actually so bye bye.....


Okay kidding... 

You are the very first person I got to know right at the first day of highschool. I remember you came to me, introduced your name, and we went to the same class for three days, but after that, you were being moved to another class and since then, everytime we catched up at canteen or anywhere in school, we would always say 'hi' or simply waved to each other. At the 11th grade, we got a chance to be in the same class, and I didn't know exactly where it started, but since then, you've became one of the best friends of mine. I think we are meant to be with each other because we got the same class again at 12th grade, and we even got to go to the same university, though we're in different faculty. 

To my bestfriend, Rahma Putri Islami
There's just one step away and you will become an adult
This is the last time we will have teenage age, next time we're going to be 20, insya Allah.
I hope you will be an awesome adult whom people can rely on and trust
Also, I hope you can keep in touch with Vidi Aldiano xP

I'm trying to find some good quotes but my brain is empty now so this is all I got. Sorry~

Jaa... Happy birthday, Put :]

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