Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Danty!!

Hehehe... did you wondering why am I didn't send you any birthday greetings? :P
Well, just fyi... I've realized that today is your birthday since last night, right at 12.00 pm. I was planning to send you a voicenote right away through bbm, but then I remember that last year, I was greet you at almost the exact time. Hmm... it would not fun if I did it the same this time, no? Last year you said I was the very first person who greet you a happy birthday, so this year I want to be the very last one. I'm waiting until 12.00 pm, September 21st. You know the tempation to give you a birthday greeting is high as I kept seing a lot of people tweeting or sending birthday post to your twitter and facebook. I kept holding myself not to talk to you any bits. Do you think I don't love you anymore? No, I still do, and I will always. 
So, Happy Birthday!! 

Oh look... that's us when were in Highschool, right few months before the graduation. :3

Actually, I tried to find the most recent pics of us but I remember all of them are in your camera so these are the best that I can found :P It's 8.47 PM here now as I'm waiting this. I still have to wait for like 3 hours or more the post it. What shall I do now? 


It's 12.00 PM. Official! I'm the very last person who greet you a birthday wish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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