Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream! Dream! Dream!

Today was really fun... ^^
Maya took me to a seminar about English and Mandarin language

Actually, only teachers who are allowed to join that seminar, but thanks to Maya and her kindergarten, I could have a chance to join so I could get a lot of lessons, hehehe.

The seminar itself was talking about how to teach foreign language to Indonesian children. How to make foreign language could be accepted and learned easily. The discussant itself is the founder of TOEFL and TOEIC. She's a young woman around 30 years old, but her bussines about English language has been known worldwide. A very successful young woman. Cool~ I want to be a cool and independent successful young woman at that age too. Hopefully it will come true. Amiiin

I learned a lot of things from this seminar, but one thing I remember the most is:
We have to treat English as communication tools and not as foreign language, so, it will make our process in learning it becomes easier. If we keep treating English as foreign language, then it makes the distance between us and the language itself to be further.

I also realized that my English ability is still very low, but that's okay. There's still a lot of time to learn. I have to learn Arabic too for my final task in college, and I want to learn Japanese too (because I really like the country, hehehe)

I have many targets that I want to achieve, though I know that it may be hard because I'm not that smart, but I'll try to do my best. I also really want to go to Japan and ride the kayaking around Tokyo's river and watch Hey!Say!JUMP's concert at least once in my entire life. This, for now, is the biggest dream that I want to fulfill.

Like what Hikaru said, the more you feel frustrated for not being able to do it, you will get closer to your dream. :)

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