Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream actually do come true...

Dear Allah, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I've been waiting for 17 years to meet this amazing boyband, the very first foreign musician I knew, and you answer my pray, you make one of my biggest dreams, come true. Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU :')

"Hai Westlifers!
Yeaay! Ini dia nih kabar yang kalian tunggu-tunggu, 80 pemenang yang beruntung menonton konser Westlife Gravity Tour 2011, tanggal 5 Oktober di Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta.

Masing-masing pemenang berhak mendapatkan 2 tiket nonton konser tersebut (kelas Tribune), jadi kamu dan temanmu bisa asyik sing-along di konser boyband legendaris ini. 

Cari namamu di antara 80 PEMENANG #simPATImusik berikut ini: 
30.81330723xxx, Frisca Caca,
31.81398179xxx, Wiwind Rizki
32.81338565xxx, Ayu Yuliantari 
33.81282004xxx, Denisa Rosandria 
34.81314475xxx, Intan Mardiana
35.81316348xxx, Vera Aprilianti
36.81385750xxx, Luthfianza Mirza Fadhiel
37.81375260xxx, Reski Samma
38.81317904xxx, Omega Yustrianna
-full note 

Mark, Shane, Nick, Kian... I really can't wait for October 5th, but I have to ^^
I wish I could meet Bryan too.. oh well, still very happy. :D
Thank You, Ya Allah... Thank You! 
And Thank You so much for SIMPATI to give me a chance to meet them :)

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audCline♥ said...

aww~ you are so lucky!
i wanna meet westlife too but there concert here in our country just ended last Sept.29...
I was so busy in school that i can't attend and go to their con *cries*

Denisa said...

haha hope you can meet them someday :3
If it's not because of the free ticket I got from a game, I won't be able to see them either. I guess I'm just lucky :)

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