Friday, August 5, 2011

Two beautiful ladies visited Indonesia

As a person who have Indonesian blood and living in Indonesia, I'm really feel proud. My country isn't the greatest country in the world, in fact, it still in the list of developing country (sorry if I choose the wrong phrase. English isn't my first language :P) like Vietnam, Philippines, Minyanmar, etc. I'm not going to promote the beauty of my country and encourage people to visit it through this entry, I'm not that good in advertising things. But seriously, my country is one of the best in the world and the most beautiful either. You can read about it here and there are still many other sources to prove it, but I'm not gonna bother mysef looking for those links. As I said before, this entry is not about advertising. So, why do I proud to be an Indonesian now?  Well, Indonesia is quite famous nowadays, don't you think? Maybe because the natural disasters that happened lately or maybe because my country is truly beautiful. I believe both reasons have role for this popularity of Indonesia. :P 

Okay, what a very long opening haha. Actually I just want to tell you that... Apparently, two of my favorite actress from oversea had visited my country this year. Who are they? 

1. Bonnie Wright. 
Don't tell me you don't know her! Shame on you. She is that beautiful girl that played as Harry Potter's true love, Ginny Weasley. Yeah, Ginny.. I mean Bonnie, came visit Indonesia last July 2011 for filming her newest movie, The Philosophers. Here is the sources:
The scan magazine that mentioned about Bonnie was visited Indonesia. Let me translate it to you: "Teenholics must have known (T/N: well, I didn't know anything until I read this article) that at early July, Bonnie came to Indonesia for filming The Philosophers. Beside that, Bonnie also will play in a movie Geography of the Hapless Heart. Yes, so far, those are Bonnie's newest projects after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2." - Teen Magazine 261 - July 2011. I love Harry Potter and I love Ginny and knowing that she ever stepped her foot at the same earth as I am makes me feel happy for some reasons. Too bad I don't have any chance to see her in person. Btw, I'm so proud that Indonesia will be one of the settings in the movie yo. XD 

2. Horikita Maki 
 YES. I kid you not. I'm sure most of you (especially if you like Japan like me) know who is this person. She's that gothic-weird girl in Nobuta wo Produce. She's that girl who disguesed herself as a boy to enter Ikemen Paradise in Hanakimi. She is that girl who got married in very young age to pay her debt to an oyaji and became a mother of five mischivious boys in Atashinchi no Danshi. She's that pretty awesome Japanese actress Horikita Maki!! Let me tell you something: She's one of less Japanese actress that I adore! Here some pictures of Horikita with Indonesian kids. 


She looks like an angel. She's shining.. Okay, maybe because her skin is really white around those tan skins, but still. She visited Jakarta, and those kids are really lucky to have a chance to met her in person and take a picture with her. Why did she came here? Horikita Maki travels to Jakarta to volunter for "24 Hour Television" Read the article here in Tokyohive. Sorry, too lazy to copy paste-ing things. XD 

Why don't they told me earlier? Why did they leave before I knew they were ever here? Oh well... that's okay. If it was Hey! Say! JUMP who did came here without telling or giving any information, I probably will go insane. No. Seriously, I probably will. 

In other news, Hey! Say! JUMP will release a new single called Magic Power to be the theme song of The Smurfs Japanese version since Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri will be dubbers in the movie. I'm sure you have heard about this news a few weeks ago. Yeah, without Ryutaro I guess, because that kid is still in his suspension. Details about this not-so-new news can be read here in Kamichan's blog. That's all from me. See you in another post! Have a good day~

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