Monday, August 15, 2011

It's time for Friends

Betsfriends will always be Bestfriends...
Two weeks ago, I met Ema, Vina, and Kartika. We had fast breaking together at my house before we headed to Pejaten Village and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's been quite a while since we met up. I'm glad that although we don't see each other as much as we used to be, because of everyone's activities, we still always manage the time to meet. We also always celebrate everyone's birthday together. They are truly my bestfriends. :)

Star Time gathering shop and new friends...
Last week, I went to Star Time shop gathering with Tyas. Star Time shop is fan online-store for Johnny's Entertainment stuffs in Indonesia. Last week was their anniversary and they invited a lot of their customers to join in a little party to celebrate it. Because the theme was Hey! Say! JUMP, I immediately agreed when Muthi, my online friend, asked me to go there with Tyas and her. That was also the very first time I met Muthi. She's a university student in UI in the same faculty as Tari and Tyas, so yeah, Tari knows her :3. She's a fan of Arashi and other JE boys. I've been talking to her for few months through twitter and BBM before we finally met. She's a very cheerful girl. She could get along with everyone really fast. I also met Ashasy at the gathering. She's a highschool student I knew from twitter. We talked a lot on twitter because both of us are fan of Hey! Say! JUMP. Actually, I've met her at Gelar Jepang UI before, but all we did when we met was glanced at each other, hahaha. None of us braved enough to greet each other properly because we were too shy :P But at Star Time gathering, we finally shaked hands and we started talking to each other a lot ^^ Yay, I've made new friends, thanks Japanese fandom~

Reunion with some of Mabit Friends...
Last Tuesday, I had fast breaking with Bunda Dewi, Mia, Molly, and Tyas. Oh my God, we hadn't meet for few weeks. I'm so glad that I met them. I had a good times whenever I'm with my Mabit friends. Of course Mia and Molly never failed to make me laugh with their absurdness. XD On Wednesday, me, Bunda Dewi, Mia, and Molly went to Metro TV studio to watch Kick Andy live. It was all thanks to Molly and the kindergarten where she's working now -omg, I can't believe that she's a teacher for playgroup and kindergarten kids now. I'm so proud of her :). The teachers from that kindergarten allowed us to watch the tapping of Kick Andy. The episode that we watched will be aired on September 1st. Btw, the theme of Kick Andy was about the great people behind the world of health. And those people were all womans. It needs a special entry for these awesome people so I shall write about them later. Anyway, we got new books for free and we learned a lot from the show. Moreover, I'm so glad that I met them and had great times. 

This week I will have another fast breaking with my friends. On Friday, I will have a reunion with my highschool friends at Ancol beach. It's been almost two years since I graduated from highschool. I can't wait to meet those freak awesome people again. I wonder how much they have changed since graduation times. 
On Saturday, I will have a fast breaking with Mabit Big Family. Yaaay... I'm sooo looking forward to this event too because a lot of people from Auxiliary and Aroma will come. I bet it will be fun to meet up with them again. :)

Friends, their existence in your life is amazing, right? :)

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gadistya.n said...

I'm going to say a cheesy line that I can only say on the net and not in front of other people *because it's embarrassing*

I'm happy that you're happy


Denisa said...

huahahaha... kesannya kalo ngomong secara langsung jadi zonk gitu ya suasananya xD

thank you. :3
"I'm happy that you're happy.." untukmu juga :3

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