Monday, August 8, 2011

A little bit about my recent life + Hey! Say! JUMP Magic Power preorder

I've been trying to write something since yesterday but I really have nothing in my mind. I don't have anything good to write, but it feels like my blog is calling me, "fill meeee... fill meee...nooow..." so yeah, I decided to drop by in here and write something. Let see...... hmmm.... is there any interesting thing to write?

Okay, last Sunday, I went to theater to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 with my friends. It was epic, awesome, cool, et cetera. I'm not in the mood to write the review. Let's just say that as a big fan of Harry Potter's books, this movie does not disappointing me at all. Even, I'm planning to watch it for the second time. :3

I think it can't be helped that I will once again talk about my boys, Hey! Say! JUMP. As I have mentioned before that Hey! Say! JUMP will release new single in September called Magic Power for the soundtrack of The Smurfs Japanese version. Well, the track list has been revealed. There will be three version of it:

Limited Edition A 
1. Magic Power
2. School Days (Hey! Say! BEST) yaaay... I've been waiting for the recording version of this song ;D
Magic Power PV + Making

Limited Edition B
1. Magic Power
2. Get (Hey! Say! 7)
30 minutes video from Hey! Say! JUMP & 100% Yuuki concert in Nagoya
1 )Magic Power
2) Beat Line
3) Nemuri no Mori
5) Magic Power (Original Karaoke)
6) Beat Line (Original Karaoke)
7) Nemuri no Mori (Original Karaoke)
8) BE ALIVE (Original Karaoke)

*I use the picture with ten members of Hey! Say! JUMP in it 'though I know that Ryutaro won't participate in this new single, but as long as he's still on Jweb, right at Hey! Say! JUMP's page, then HSJ will always be ten people for me~

Anyway, I watched episode 4 of Ikemen Desu Ne today on dramacrazy and it was one of my favorite episode after episode 1. Until now, there's always someone who will badmouthing about Hikaru, whether it's about his double teeth or complain that he's not as cute as Lee Hong Ki, and I can't helped but felt angry to those mean people. But it's useless trying to make them to change their mind because everyone has different opinion and that's perfectly fine. I just hate when they become rude -__- Now, I decided not to give a shit on those people who's badmouthing Ikemen Desu Ne, because I personally LOVE it and I'm not the only one who love Ikemen Desu Ne and Hikaru. There are so many people who love those two so let's just ignore the haters >.o 

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