Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It feels so good...

... to watch the stars and the moon in the early morning while enjoying the fresh air. Really, it feels so good. I did it this morning. I did it in some previous mornings too. And I always feel good every time I do it. So, after sahur today, I went to the outside of my house and found that there was one crescent in the sky. It was still too early and the sky still dark. There was one star that accompany that beautiful crescent. It was one beautiful scenery. I put my headset on my ears and turned on my mp3 in the highest volume, I was listening to some ballad songs. And it made me feel really calm. Enjoying the nature with music on your ears will make your mood up. It's like the positive feeling was filling your body at the moment. I was staying outside, standing, and sometimes walking back and forth in my house's yard, was still looking at the sky. Slowly the darkness turned to bright and reddish color began to paint the sky. The sun began to rise. It was beautiful. Really... And I saw some little birds were flying in the sky.

I thought, "it must be good to be a bird now and being able to fly in this beautiful morning sky. Flapping your wings while breathing the fresh air around me. It must be good to be a bird now..." I was all smiling while enjoying the morning.

This is the picture of the starfruit tree in my house's yard. It has been there since I was really small. I think it has been there since I haven't been able to remember things. When I was younger, I always climbed this tree. When I felt bored at home, I would climbed up this tree. When I needed a place to hide when I played hide and seek with my friends, I would climbed this tree and hide up there. I don't remember since when I stopped climbing this tree. When I entered Middle School maybe? I was a good climber. But now when I look at this tree again, I'm not sure whether I still can climb it or not. It's not as high as I thought it was, maybe because my body has grown and I'm much taller than the old me who always climb that tree years ago.

Back then, I wasn't scared of anything. The last time I climbed up a tree was in Rihlah Mabit 2010, hahaha. Sometimes I feel like I want to climb this tree again, but then I will remind myself that I'm not a kid anymore. Plus, there are many people passing by in front of my house. If they saw a 19 years old girl climbing the tree, what would they think? What if I fall? I don't want to get hurt. That kind of thought always fills my mind. Being adult is really troublesome sometimes, hahaha...

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gadistya.n said...

talking about climbing: actually I'd never climb except someone (or something) force me to. Like in rihlah, for example. I broke my left arm when I was 6 by climbing a not-so-tall fence. I guess I'm kinda... climb-phobic? Wakakakaka

shoot, I'm rambling on someone else's page again. Warui! ><

Denisa said...

Wahaha daijoubu :3

Climbing is quite fun, and when you've reach the top, you would feel satisfied :3 Somehow it gives you a happy feeling, but now I never climbing anything anymore, not tree, nor even my rooftop. =,=

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