Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Yutorin! (18)

Dear Yutorin...
You are 18 years old now. I wish nothing but tons of luck and happiness for you. Oh, would you stop hitting people around you, baby? They're not drum >.o But, I would gladly lend my body to be your drum, though.. (this sounds so wrong, but trust me, I didn't mean it in a bad way. You know, lend my body, means, I let him to hit me with his drum stick when he feels like playing drum. Oh well...) 

Dear Yutorin...
Please stop growing. I mean your height, really, share your height with Yama-chan, Daichan, and Chinen. You've already become the tallest in Hey! Say! JUMP, even taller than Yabu. Or at least share your height with me even just a little bit. I'm quite short, hahaha... :P But please let your heart growing, but don't ever let your child soul fades away. Keep it inside you. That's one of your charming points. Ah, your smile is also one of your charming points. And also your face, your talent, your sparkling eyes, your innocence... okay, you have too many charming points x)

Dear Yutorin...
I love you....

To celebrate Yutorin's birthday, I shall share Yuto's OVER ringtones message in here. For free. Without password in the link. Though most of you may already have it, but I still wanted to share. Here~

credit to Ashasy

I would like to share one of Hey! Say! JUMP's songs from JUMP No. 1 album. It's Dash. Yuto wrote the lyric and play the drum for this song, yo. ;D

Hope you like it! 

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