Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This thoughts suddenly pops up in my mind at 2.30 am

Good Morning.
It's 2.30 AM in Indonesia, and I'm still awake like I always do. 

People around me, they are slowly but surely, have start to change themselves, in a good way. They have become more mature. Be mature is a good thing, isn't it? Somehow, it amazes me when I'm talking to one friend and sharing our opinions about many things, then I realized that the way my friend is thinking has become more mature. They become smarter and even their personality is not the same personality like I used to know. 

I'm feeling lonely, sometimes. But this is not their fault because moving on to be a better person is a good thing. It's just me who don't want to change myself, or maybe I'm not ready to be mature, yet. To tell you the truth, I do not have any sense in logic. My brain can't work well when it comes to serious things, that is why I usually always quite when I talk to my friends and they started talking about something like politics, science, society, and such. I think I'm kind of a stupid person. I realized that. 

I also do not have any interest in such topic, that is why I never try to get to know about those things, which is really a mistake, maybe, or maybe not. 

Doesn't mean that I haven't changed too. I have changed in a few things, like I become more quite day by day. I feel more relaxed when I'm alone. Now, I don't need anyone else to accompany me when I need to go to places like Mall or bookstore, because I'm enjoying myself travelling alone. Despite of the fact that I don't want to disturb my friends who are really busy now and I don't want to disappoint myself when my invitation get rejected, I'm getting used to be alone.

Btw, do not be like me. However, being together with friends is still way much more better than being alone.

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