Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picture of the day: College Student, Young Intepreneur?

What a handsome boy. Very handsome, indeed. I definitely love the color of his outfits: The outfits give formal and casual feeling and did you notice his shoes? The sneakers that Keito wore really suits his style. That apple in front of him gives off some kind of college-student aura (and soon, he will be!!), young enterpreneur, something like that. A very cool young man. The way he holds the glass is naturally cool , don't you think? The background that looks like he's inside an old boring house makes this picture attractive. And to make it more perfect: Keito's expression. I can't put it into word, but his face is just so... so.... *spechless* Ah, I love this photoshoot so much x) 

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