Friday, July 8, 2011

Picture of the day: from a drummer to shamisen player

I've been willing to include this picture in Picture of the Day. First time I saw this photoshoot, I'm in love with it. Don't you think that this picture is really beautiful? I love the dark green scenery around Yuto. He looks extremely handsome in that Japanese traditional outfits (sorry, I don't know what its name. Yukatta?) and the shamisen adds the perfection. Shamisen is the thing that Yuto held, it looks like a guitar but it's not. Shamisen has different sound from guitar. Btw, Yuto's expression really suits the atmosphere of this photoshoot, don't you think? He looks calm and concentrate on something, which gives an acient feeling/ And I loooove Yuto's hair in here. He looks more handsome than usual :P Why are you so cool, Yutorin? XD

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