Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hikaru and his beautiful teeth

People should learn not to judge a person by his appearance alone! Everyone started watching Ikemen Desu Ne and apparently, some of those who don't know who is Hikaru Yaotome, the one who played as Yuki or in the Korean version, Jeremy, are complaining about his TEETH!! They said Hikaru shouldn't play Yuki just because he has double teeth and he is not as 'handsome' as the Korean Jeremy. Oh well! What the hell with that?! I bet you never watched his acting! Japanese drama doesn't pick his actor from his look only. If you doubt his acting, go watch Kinpachi Sensei 7. He was the main character and he played the dark character whose family were broken and suffer from drugs, and he did a great job. He was only 15 years old when he played that Shuu Maruyama's role. I've watched his acting as Yuki in Ikemen Desu Ne, and he is good, he's awesome. I'm not being bias just because he is one of Hey! Say! JUMP's member. He is not my 'ichiban', I just hate the way people commenting and bad mouthing about him just because his teeth. 

Seriously people! His teeth is his asset. I used to think like that about him, that he's not handsome because of his double teeth, but I gradually in love with his personality after I learned more about him. He's cheerful, smart, talented, one of the best things in Johnny, and his acting is totally fine! He cared a lot with his friends, and in fact, he has been chosen by the director to play that role, which is mean, the professional knows his ability is worth it. So stop bad mouthing about him just because you don't like his teeth. 

Anyway, here some spoilers of Hikaru in Ikemen Desu Ne episode 1 that I found on tumblr. He's adorable~


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audCline♥ said...

i agree with you...Hikaru did a great job in the first episode of ikemen desu ne~ he's really a good actor...*period* that's why i am looking forward for the next episodes...XD

Denisa said...

yeah, the character is really suits him. we can see that facial expression of Yuki in Ikemen Desu Ne in HSJ's makings. :3

Anonymous said...

Agreed :D I hate how people said that Hikaru shouldn't be in Ikemen desu ne just because of his teeth! For goodness sake, I love his teeth XDXD haha sorry, just have to blurt it out. I find Hikaru amusing in Ikemen desu ne :D I'm saying this based on my bias ( seriously.. I can't be un-bias when it comes to Hey!Say!JUMP. Especially when Hika is literally my ni-ban :D ). Every and each time I keep on squealing when I see that guy and apparently fuji is growing in me everytime I watch it, I mean.. seriously! He's really good in acting as shu :D I'm not sure about Tama though. I like him but not as much as the other two.. I don't know. Somehow I keep on seeing his flaw = = Well, I keep on trying not to. Even so, there are parts where I enjoy watching him. The story wasn't bad either ^^ It's just that there are times when I have the urge to skip some part ( I tends to do that because I hate to watch boring parts, no matter how important the scene to the story = =) but I didn't, fearing that I will miss some of Hika's part - - I'm still watching episode one but I don't know if I'm going to continue to do so. Maybe I will since Hika will be in it XDXDXD haha

Denisa said...

Thanks for your very long comment :]
I suggest you to watch it until the end though, because after I watched episode 2 of Ikemen Desu Ne, I think Tama's acting has getting better. Also the storyline is probably shorter than the original one, but I think it's fuller and good. I can say this because I have watched the Korean version ^^

And yeah, Hikaru is a fine actor, even more than just fine. He's a God of Acting XD (Kinpachi Sensei and Orthros no Inu *is this the right title?* has proven it) And Fujigaya is just perfect!! XD

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