Tuesday, July 26, 2011

picture of the day - Dear Tegoshi...

Dear, Tegoshi....
I don't know why I'm drawn to you? Well, of course I know. Your angelic voice. Your angelic smile. Your angelic face. Everything in you seems angelic. And people love angel, including me. You are one of the reasons I started listening to NEWS. The one who can be pretty and handsome at the same time, although for me, you more often look pretty than handsome, lol. I'm listening to one of the best song from Tegomass. I don't know what I want to write, though. I guess this is gonna be another unimportant fangirling entry, but I don't care. This blog is about my feeling and everything on my mind, and now you're filling my mind, you and your voice. You are one of the best Japanese singers I know. You have something in your voice that always makes me feel relax and somehow I feel the warmth in my heart.Okay, about the picture. It was from Tegoshi's new CM. Instead of cool, the picture looks hilarious. And I can't helped not to post it XD

I know this is very random, but I just need to blurt it out.

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