Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A.N.J.ELL Japan

Not as handsome as the Korean version, huh? Well, I don't think so. This Japanese A.N.J.EL has its own charming, and their natural handsomness is beautiful. Been watching Ikemen Desu Ne until episode 2, and I'm totally fall for these three angels. It's interesting to see their acting improved in each episodes. Good job, boys. I always love Hikaru, but this drama makes my love to him grows bigger and bigger. And I didn't know that Fujigaya could be that adorable. He was like a wild lion before he cut his hair for this drama, and now he's turning into a cute cat :3 And Tamamori... Dude, I've been liking you since the times of Gokusen 3, your acting has been improved so much in Ikemen Desu Ne. Well done... I'm proud of you. For some people, these three are newbies in acting world because they haven't played in many dramas, but I have watched all of Hikaru's and Tamamori's dramas before, so they are not newbies for me. As for Fujigaya, he's just naturally perfect. These three are truly angels. :3

Looking forward to the next episodes of Ikemen Desu Ne. These there are truly ikemen, desu yo? :3

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