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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, it's big NEWS!

I'm not going to give the details about NEWS as people have known about them better than me, but in case if you don't know who they are and you probably have nothing to do and found this entry and interested to read it to kill your time, you can read the details about NEWS in their wikipedia.  Hey! Say! JUMP linked me to another Jpop group from the same company, NEWS. The only NEWS member I knew was Yamashita Tomohisa because my friend is a big fan of him. When I watched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge drama, I also interested in Tegoshi Yuya and Uchi Hiroki's role and then I found out that they are also NEWS members (well, Uchi isn't anymore), and later I found out about Koyama Keiichiro who was regular MC in Shonen Club, the show where HSJ always be the guest star. When I was watching Ya-Ya-Yah videos, Koyama, Kato Shigeaki, and Kusano Hironori (who are members of NEWS as well, except Kusano because he's no longer in NEWS now ;__;) were important part of that TV Show, and made me more interested in NEWS. And it didn't took a long time for me to finally in love with this boyband. Of course my love to them isn't as big as my love to HSJ, so they are probably my 'niban' (second favorite) and Hey! Say! JUMP is my 'ichiban' (first favorite). And now I'm going to give you quick review about all of their PVs (Tegomass and member's solo PV are not included).

1. NEWS Nippon (2003)

First time I heard it, I'm in love with this debut song immediately. It's like there are two songs in one song. How about the PV? Well, if I watched it in 2003, I would thought that the PV was awesome, but I watched it in 2011, so yeah, the PV looks really old and the boys's were kind of ugly (so different with now) with those bright hairs, weird outfits, etc. Compared Yamapi from this PV to his latest PV now, I would give the comparison will be 4:9 out of 10. But, I love the concept! It's like they had a trip to the outer space. That's awesome. The best part is KKK part, Kusano, Koyama, and (Kato) Shige were cute and funny :3 The dance wasn't great, but it suits the song and it simply cute, especially the "Piisu no sign" part. Overall, I love whole part of this PV :3

2. Kibou ~ Yell (2004)

I like the song. It's just as catchy as NEWS Nippon. About the PV, it feels even more old than NEWS Nippon. The outfits even worse than NEWS Nippon, not the whole outfits, only the part when they were dancing in the trajectory of airplane. What the hell were they wearing? Pyjamas? I'm not impressed with the dance either, and Yamapi is the lead singer in this song because he sang the most part followed by Tegoshi-Massu and Uchi-Ryo. Koyama and Shige didn't sang too much, and Kusano got to sing the rapp part :3 The setting is awesome, they shot at the outside and they did some silly funny things which is pretty amusing. Tegoshi was very adorable XD Overall, I like the NEWS Nippon PV better.

3. Akaku Moyoru Taiyo (2004)

Not a big fan of the song nor the PV. At least their outfits look much better than the previous PV and they  improved their dance too. They shot at the studio, and they made it look like a deck of the yacht. There was a place like, umm... old night club, or maybe it was just a room that decorated with many dazzling cloth and a bit dark so it looks like a club in my opinion =,= The best setting was the room with many colorful circles on the walls and they were playing around with many big balls with different colors. I like Kusano's hair for some reasons~ I don't know what was the exact image or story they want to put in this PV? Sometimes they acted cool, and the next time they acted like kids, probably there wasn't any image or story and they just put many random scenes to make it look good?

4. CHERISH (2005)

Love both the PV and the song. Looks like everyone except Yamapi dyed their hair to darker color, which makes them look handsome. The outfits look more modern. Nice part when there are some reflections of each member in the building and many girls under the building were looking at the boys fascinatedly. There's cute part when a girl was watching a poster on the street, and suddenly she bumped into a guy and apparently, the guy was the same guy that he just watched on the poster: Yamapi!! Yamapi's face in zooming was adorable :3 And the boys were wearing the same pink gloves which really cute. Not so much love for the dance, though. The dance was simple and suits the song. This PV is pretty amusing, and Kusano was really cute :3

5. TEPPEN (2005)

The last PV with Kusano and Uchi in it ;___; THE PV IS FUN. The song is fun and catchy! I really love it. The boys were playing basket, bike, or just running around the pool (?) No, no, it wasn't a pool, but it looks like that. There's much water on the floor and they had so much fun jumping and splashing water to each others. The dance wasn't great, but I like it for some reasons. I love the part when KKK (Koyama, Kusano, Kato) sang together in the beach. Well, it was studio, obviously, but they made it look like beach. This is one of my favorite PV from NEWS. It feels like summer when you watch it, which is great. :3 Oh... Bye bye Kusano and Uchi >.<

6. SAYAENDOU (2006)

I don't like it. That's all. Well, those anime (I'm not sure we can call it anime) were cute and adorable (not really actually) but that's all. Uchi and Kusano had left the group and this is not even a PV. This is more like fanvideo. They took the NEWS part from their concert and put them in this PV and I'm not impressed. The song is good, but not my kind of music, so that's all~

7. Hoshi wo Mezashite (2007)

After went hiatus for almost a year, NEWS back with this lovely single. I love the song. Maaan, I love it, and the PV makes me love the song even more. They didn't dance at all, which is good because it would be boring if you keep dancing in all PVs. First time I watched it, it feels like they were in different planet. Everyone look handsome and mature, although there are parts when they did some silly-immature things in front of camera while singing together, but that's fine. That's really fine because that made this PV looks fresh. I love the whole parts, the part when every member sang in front of their twins (not a real twin) and when they were sitting in the car calmly while singing together or when they were sitting in big rocks while looking at the sky which filled with many sparkling stars, very beautiful. :3

8. Weeeek (2007)

Six handsome mature guys in suits singing in high spirit.... but the way they sing it isn't mature at all, lol. One of their best PV in my opinion. So many CG effects and I love the concept as well as I love the song :3 They were really funny. It's like reading a comic in some parts. Awesome. They didn't dance at all... well, they danced, but not in a real form. Mostly like they created their own dance at the moment and messed around. That's very contrary to their outfits, lol. Well done, boys! I never get bored watching this one. It's really fun and the boys are all very amusing ;)

9. Taiyou no Namida (2008)

I'm sure the image that the producer want to put in this PV is 'cool' and 'awesome' and 'dark', something like that. Well, it is cool, if you judge it from the perspective of good video, but not my favorite. It was so dark and rainy, and the boys weren't joking around like they always did in their previous PVs. Everyone look so serious, because the song is serious too. Not so much love for the dance, it looks ordinary. I'm sure they could have done better than just those simple moves. Also not a fan of the song. This is the soundtrack of Kurosagi the movie, fyi. The best part is the ending when Yamapi showed up in his Kurosagi's costume while splashing the water, then said, "thank you, as always." That one was made me laugh XD

10. Summer Time (2008)

Well done boys! I love this PV so much. One of my favorite. Every scenes in it is really entertaining. So, Massu was came back to this very cool house near the beach, and he sat in one of the tables, remembering his moments with his bandmates. In his memory, the boys were taking many silly pictures together and they were singing, cooking, washing, and doing so many fun things together. Nice rapp by the way from Shige and Koyama, and everyone look absolutely cute in casual outfits. It turned out to be a very fun PV. Love the ending part when Massu smile stupidly after had nostalgic and suddenly his bandmates appeared. Adorable, these guys~

11. Happy Birthday (2008)

I really like the song. It simply catchy. Love the lyrics and the melody. The PV isn't as fun as Summer Time, the boys look more calm and mature although they still joking around. The PV is full with CG effects, but it still looks simple. Simple but good. I like those box they use to be glass, roses, or gifts. The way they played around with those box was cute. You will find those kind of box in toy store. The dance wasn't great, but it really suits the song. I especially love the part when they were bowing and made love sign. That's all, I don't know why but the PV isn't feel too special for me.

12. Koi no Abo (2009)

Compared to the dance in their previous PVs, the dance in this one is the worst. I think they purposely chose that kind of dance because the PV itself isn't all serious although they shot at the night club with those awesome outfits (not a real night club of course, it was just studio and they decorated it like night club). You will only find that kind of dance in 70'-80' era. Not a fan of the song, and luckily I don't have serious crush to the members, because if I did, I would be jealous, lol. They were surrounded by many girls who wearing short dress =,= Anyway, the ending part was funny when everyone changed their dark and cool outfits into white outfits that look so old and then they danced along with the servants of the club, so yeah I gues they chose the dance purposely to make it suits the scene.

13. Sakura Girl (2009)

The atmosphere in this PV is foggy. Everything seems gray, as the six handsome man walking together while carrying their own broken heart, walking together towards Sakura tree. I love the song, and I didn't thought that the PV would be all sad and serious, because if you watch carefully to their previous PVs, there must be always at least one silly scene in the video, even in the serious PV like Taiyo no Namida, there's a funny part at the ending. Everyone look mature. The PV was opened with Tegoshi who was reading a letter from his girlfriend that said something like, "let's break up!" and then Tegoshi's crying (I was kinda shocked when I watched it for the first time) and followed with the 'break up' scenes that happened to other members. Why would those girls dumped these six handsome guys anyway? Oh well, I like this PV more than Happy Birthday, though, I don't know why :P

15. Fighting Man

I kinda like the song. In my opinion, it's like the song for anime soundtrack and I always like anime soundtrack :3 I simply love the beat and they improved so much with the dance too. Everyone look mature in here (of course they are, they've passed 22 years old -_-) The PV is awesome with those not-so-dark room and many awesome setting for each member solo part. Everyone is looking to their own video singing this fighting man song through TV, laptop, handphone, and other electronic things. Yamapi doesn't smile too much :( I love him more in their previous PVs because I can even saw him laughing and smiling widely.

FINISH! So far NEWS only have 14 singles and they haven't release any new song in 2011(yet). I think they are on hiatus again -_-" Everyone is busy with their own career; Yamapi with his solo album and concert, Tegoshi and Massu with their subgroup, Tegomass, Ryo with his other group, Kanjani8, Koyama with his radio show, and I don't know what Shige exactly doing now =w= I hope they will be active again soon, though.

Btw, did you really read this long entry? If you did, THANK YOU!! :P

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