Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been a while.

Hey, guys.... It's been a while. The reason I didn't update this blog recently is because I've been busy with college stuffs. I'm in the middle of my college exam now. And honestly, I don't have anything to write/share. I'm out of inspiration and whenever I try to write, I ended up writing crap. Plus, I cannot think of anything to write except my fangirling, and I guess you must be bored with it. And actually, now, I want to write about my beloved boys again, hahaha. 

Okay, kidding. 

I'll tell you about my boring activity recently. In college days, I wake up at 5.00 am, take a bath for 15 minutes, then go to college at 06.30 am. Then I will have a long-tiring-boring day in college until 04.00 pm. In my day offs, I usually wake up at.... umm.... 05.00 am. Yes, I pray shubuh, and sleep again :P And I'll usually wake up at 07.00. Okay, I lied. I wake up at 08.00. 09.00. Okay, fine.... 12.00 am! I'll spend the whole time in front of computer. Yes. I usually browse a lot of unimportant things about Hey! Say! JUMP *fangirl detected*  And downloading video has become a necessity and even a duty for me. I must download at least one video a day. The video I usually download is... yes, Hey! Say! JUMP's. I've collected all HSJ's concert DVD with hardsub (I can watch their concerts for many times and never get bored. I wish I can watch it for live someday!!), all of their PVs, and now I'm in the processing of downloading all of their PV making videos. I also download random videos of them, such as Yan Yan JUMP and Shounen Club. For Yan Yan JUMP, I intend to collect each episodes of that TV Show since it's JUMP's very first official TV Show and seriously, I LOVE YYJ so much. Thank you to those awesome people who make a hardsub for every JUMP's videos :D Okay, I end up writing crap again. Sorry, I just can't bear not to write it down. See how boring my life is? I think I need to add some hot spices in my boring daily life ---> School Kakumei's lyric. Hahaha oh my head is full with those Japanese songs. Yabai~

I'm going to have a band. I'll be a vocalist, and one of my bestfriend will join our band and become a pianis. Hahaha wish us luck. ^^

Okay, now, I will really tell you news from Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean, the real news.
I've told you before about Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming single titled Over, right? Apparently, there will be two PVs in the CD. Not only Over, but also PV for Aiing - Aishiteru. And Born in the Earth song which we only can hear the concert version will also be one of the tracks. Which is mean, we can finally get to hear the clear mp3 version of that song. Oh, PRE-ORDER IS ALREADY SOLD OUT IN CDJAPAN. and that's less than a day. Congrats Hey! Say! JUMP! Hontou ni sugoiii~ XD EVERY version Le1, Le2, and RE all have this thing: Each single will contain a CODE. Once you get the code from your single, you will use that code to obtain MESSAGES (3) from  A MEMBER. (NOTE: you do not know which member you will get. you can only know once you get the code, and download the message) I do not know where this message will be downloaded from since it is not indicated.

SO... ONE CODE = ONE MEMBER'S MESSAGE. All three versions of the single has this.

HOWEVER, THE MESSAGE DOES NOT LAST LONG. It has a deadline. The deadline is on JULY 5. (so if you're gonna make pre-orders now, might as well consider WHEN you'll receive your copies of the single. If you receive it AFTER JULY 5, then i guess the message is not available anymore). I for one do not care whose I get. I'm fine with any member. But If could get the message, I think I need someone to translate what they're saying since I don't understand Japanese. Can I get Keito's? Probably he will use English in his message :P

Okay, that's all. Yes, this is another unimportant entry. Hahaha I just can't resist the awesomeness that they always give to their fans. I'm totally fall for Hey! Say! JUMP now. ^^

Nah, see you in the next entry. Jaa nee~

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