Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm feel like just got a heartattack

When I read about the issue of Ryutaro caught smoking, I was happily watching Tantei Gakuen Q for the second time with my little brother. It was 03.30 am when I decided to take a look at my twitter's timeline, and Kamichan just updated his blog. He is a fanboy of Hey!Say!JUMP and most of HSJ fandom must be know about him because of his interesting writing about Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny's Entertainment. I'm one of his readers, so I decided to read his new post. I knew his post must be related to Hey! Say! JUMP. I thought he would give his comment about the making of Over PV like he promised in his previous post. Apparently, it's not about it. It's something that I never thought would ever happen. 

Here is Kamichan's Post: Yani's Jimusho

So, yeah... while I was reading the new post, I kept holding my breath. I'm still even holding my breath now. Those thrillers scenes in Tantei Gakuen Q that still scared me yesterday, don't give any effects anymore in me. I don't even pay attention on it. I let my brother watching it alone. I'm sad. I'm really sad. And I want to cry. I've been a fan of Hey!Say!JUMP not for along time. It was only few months ago I declared myself as one of JUMP fans. I'm in love with these ten pretty boys and their talents. I'm in love with them as a whole, and now, this issue came out. Right at the same time as the releasing date of Hey!Say!JUMP's new single. Great. You know this is why I really.... really hate infotainment. Hey!Say!JUMP's popularity is at its highest now and this magazine called Shuukan Josei published the picture of Ryutaro's smoking right at the same date and day of one of the most important date for Hey!Say!JUMP. I want to scream.... 

"Go to the hell and burn yourself there..." to those people who published this pics. 

I really want to do it. Kusano and Uchi were suspended from NEWS due to the same reasons, and now Ryutaro will also be suspended. Ryutaro... why so stupid? Why? It would be better if Johnny-san gives a lot of slaps on your face. It would be so much better than suspending you from JUMP activity in indefinitely time. Life will never be the same again. Hey!Say!JUMP will never be the same again. And now I'm crying because of this. Pathetic. But I want to believe that someday in the future, Ryutaro will be back to Hey!Say!JUMP again, I just don't know yet when that day will come. 

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