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Hikaru on Ikemen Desu Ne and review about Ya-Ya-Yah

Yo, someone just posted this on livejournal...

The Japanese version of Korean Drama 'You're Beautiful' where Hikaru Yaotome, one of Hey!Say!JUMP members, is one of the main characters. At first when I found out that Hikaru will play as 'Jeremy', I got really excited. I did some research about Jeremy's character, and I think his character is unique. Hikaru is a great actor so I'm sure he will play this character in odd way. Btw, his new blonde hair is unexpectedly suits him, hahaha. I thought he would look weird in blonde, but I was wrong. He looks handsome >.< I don't quite know the rest of the casts except those two other boys who are members of Kiss-My-Ft2 and I don't know who the girl is, hehe, but she looks promising. We'll see her act on July... Haaa I can't wait :3

Now, I'm really interested in Ya-Ya-Yah... They were (probably) one of the greatest Juniors boyband that Johnny's Entertainment ever had. Too bad, this group has already disbanded since 2007. Ya-Ya-yah is a Johnny's Jr. group from Johnny & Associates. On May 15, 2002, the group released double A-side single "YĆ«ki 100% / Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Narumade." The single debuted at #9 on the Oricon charts. On September 24, 2007, members Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome debuted under Hey! Say! JUMP. As of November 30, 2007 after the resignation of Taiyo Ayukawa from Johnny & Associates, Ya-Ya-yah has been removed from Johnny & Associates's official line-up. In 2010, the remaining previous Ya-Ya-yah member Shoon Yamashita, resigned from the company.

Ya-Ya-Yah used to have eight members, but only four people remained until the group finally disbanded. They were Kota Yabu, Hikaru Yaotome, Shoon Yamashita, Taiyou Ayukawa. Yes, Yabu and Hikaru are now members of Hey!Say!JUMP. I found out about Ya-Ya-Yah while I was searching some histories about my favorite boyband. Ya-Ya-Yah was called as Johnny's Golden Junior because this boyband was really famous since they were formed until the day they were disbanded, and even until now, Ya-Ya-Yah still gives some kind of special feelings to their fans. They had their own TVShow and NEWS and KAT-TUN members were often be guest stars. The TVShow itself was really famous and really amusing to watch. I've watched many episodes of Ya-Ya-Yah... They were really promising to be big stars. People thought that Ya-Ya-Yah would last forever and soon or later, Johnny would give them a chance to debut. If I were to know them at the moment they were so famous, I must thought that way too. I mean, Ya-Ya-Yah had been together in Johnny for 6 years as junior group, and they even had their own TVShow. They also held a concert at Yokohama Arena. I never seen any of current Junior groups who held their own concert at such place. Usually, they only become guest stars for their senior who have already debut, such as Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, and Hey!Say!JUMP, so Ya-Ya-Yah were indeed special.

Until 2007, Ya-Ya-Yah's TVShow still aired on TV, and pre-Hey!Say!JUMP's members were still often became their backdancers (what an irony), and suddenly in September, Johnny-san announced that a new group would be formed and they would have their debut concert in Tokyo Dome. That new group happened to be Hey!Say!JUMP. Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome from Ya-Ya-Yah were picked to be one of the members and they were told that Ya-Ya-Yah, the group that raised them for 6 years, would be disbanded, because Yabu and Hikaru can't be in two groups. This surprising announcement followed by the resignation of Taiyo Ayukawa from JE. Most of people assumed that Taiyo probably was disappointed, because only him and Shoon who were not debuted. Well, I don't know whether it was true or not, but if I were in his position, I'd felt disappointed too. Shoon also finally left Johnny in March 2010. That's disappointing, but I think he made the right choice. He was one of Johnny's Golden Juniors, yet Johnny still not let him to debut after he waits for 3 years after his group was disbanded. If he stays, he would probably end up like Ikuta Toma who still being a junior now while his friends, Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, have already debuted. Although I really love Hey!Say!JUMP now, I still hate the fact of the unfairness that happened before they debuted. Seriously, why would Johnny trained Taiyo and Shoon and Ya-Ya-Yah for quite long time if they ended up disbanded? That's just totally unfair >.<

Anyway, it's useless to complain about it now. It's 2011 already and that happened in 2007. People may have already forget about it, except those loyal fans of Ya-Ya-Yah :') Taiyo Ayukawa is finally appear in Japanese Entertainment World again after 3 years been missing. He starred on Kinpachi Sensei final which was aired around January (or February? March? Totally forgot) with Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome. Yatta...! Ya-Ya-Yah's reunion :') Too bad Shoon didn't join >.< Now, Taiyo will also starred in a new drama, a following series of Tumbling, Tumbling 2. Yay, I watched him on Kinpachi Sensei 7 and he was awesome. Can't wait for Tumbling 2. And Shoon Yamashita is also make a comeback to Japanese Entertainment. He started writing a blog and he said he will start a new project with his brother, who was in Johnny, but now they both have already resigned. Yabu and Hikaru, as you all know, are now busy with Hey!Say!JUMP. This group will release their 7th single this July. They all are busy with their new TVShow, Shounen Club and Yan Yan JUMP and many other things. No wonder they are one of the best boyband in Japan ^^

I know Ya-Ya-Yah has already gone now, but I hope the friendship between every members hasn't changed. If they couldn't meet in JE as musicians, please let them meet in dorama, like Kinpachi Sensei :) I really admire this boyband and I hope each members of them are doing fine now. Goodluck, Taiyo, Shoon, Yabu, and Hikaru :)

One of Ya-Ya-Yah's latest picture in 2007. They will remains in our heart :')

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