Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Inoo-chan (21)

It's Inoo-chan's birthday!! The only college-student in Hey!Say!JUMP (well, Keito will soon become a college-student as well this year~). You are 21 years old now, just like Yabu-kun and Yuyaan. You are one of my favorite member in HSJ. I love you so much! The future architect, prince of piano, leader of J.J Express, and one of the most random guys I ever know. It's really cute when your randomness came out of the blue and makes everyone around you laugh while you stay quite with that innocent and flat expression in your face. People thought you were the most mature person in JUMP, but when you're with Hey!Say!BEST, you don't look like a mature person at all, hahaha. That part of you is really precious. May all the best go with you. May you're blessed with more solo works such as dorama, CM, etc for upcoming years so you can shine more and more. Stay precious.... :)



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