Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gelar Jepang UI 2011

*this entry is gonna be long. I've warned you. 

As a 'newbie' in community of Japan lovers, although I have fall for their dorama since a long time ago, I decided to visit Gelar Jepang UI 2011 (An event created by University of Indonesia about Japan. Some kind of Japan festival which is held once every year). Thanks to Ema, Kartika, and Vina who are willing to accompany me today, although you guys are not a fan of Japan hehehe. You're the best :3

So, we promised to set off at 9 am because the schedule of Gelar Jepang itself was started around 9.30 am. But, because I was staying up all night long to download some Shounen Club episodes in order to watch my beloved Hey!Say!JUMP, I woke up at 10 am -__- Ema, Tika, and Vina who are not just ordinary friends for me indeed have known about this habit of mine, so they didn't go until I called them :3 At the end, we went to UI at 12.30 am (I know it was already late, but at least my Dad was willing to drive us to UI so we don't have to pay for train, hehehe) . Well, because that was the first time for us to visit such event, we were fascinated by so many anime characters that surrounded us, such as Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach, Kamen Rider, etc. Well, of course they are not the real anime characters. They are just ordinary people without any supernatural power who dressed like those anime characters. Hmm... how do you call it? Cosplayers?

Anyway... I was tempted to buy a lot of unimportant stuffs that were sold there such as Hey!Say!JUMP Uchiwas, pins, and other interesting things. But I managed to hold myself not to buy it by thinking that those stuffs will be useless and they will only satisfy my fangirling desire for a moment and soon or later, I'll get bored with them. Although I can't hold myself to buy those Japanese foods.  I even bought Okonomiyaki that cost 26.000 rupiah, which is very expensive for me. Well, the hardest thing that myself can do is hold the temptation of foods. I was also tempted to buy a Japanese traditional toy, Kendama. If you don't know what is kendama, here is the picture. But, because the prize is expensive, I decided to buy it when we went home. Too bad when I was looking for that toy again, the seller said that toy has been sold out -__-

About the event itself, I think it's quite fun. Even Ema, Tika, and Vina who are not fans of Japan said that they would love to go to such event again next time because they thought it's kind of unique. The most unique thing about this event is the fact that we were surrounded by a lot of cosplayers indeed. There's a cosplay competition too and we watched it. From that competition, we can take some conclusions: If you want to win the cosplay competition, make sure that your costume looks really similar and very expensive to the original character anime, and you have to be good looking or pretty. If you don't have pretty face, make sure that you choose anime character who always hide his face with mask, such as Kamen Rider or Power Ranger. Evidently, those cosplayers with these traits won the competition. Judging by their performances, I think there's nothing really special about it. It looks kind of ordinary if I may say. I don't know was it because I never watched Cosplay competition before whatsoever, but overall, the performance of those cosplayers were ordinary indeed. Some of them even looked super zonk, where they were only standing at the stage while moving their mouth to follow the song. What do you call it? Lypsinc? I don't know what to say anymore...

There's an awesome performance from colege-student of UI. They showed us some kind of Japanese traditional dance attractively, but the time was too long and there is no climax action in that dance, although it was pretty amusing when they asked the audience to dance with them. At the end, me, Ema, Tika, and Vina decided to take a walk again because we got bored with the dance :P

Overall, Gelar Jepang UI was really success. It's fun and it's not boring because of the appearance of those cosplayers around us. The four of us took some pictures with those cosplayers too. But we were so selective in choosing cosplayers who could take pictures with us, hahaha, how arrogant xP Here are some pictures...
Tobi, Naruto, and Pain cosplay. Though it looks like Pain has gain a lot of height.
I forgot his character, but he won the number 2 for cosplay: the most favorite

And that's all for now. The PV for OVER and Aiing - Aishiteru has already out. Now I need to download them XD And I'll be back with the review about both PVs. Jyaa nee~

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