Saturday, June 4, 2011

Congratulation for Graduation

Fly away! Far away! Tsubasa hirogete
Go ahead! Do your best! Niji o tsukamou
Sora takaku kakage yubi hiroge tsukuru
Peace no sign mabushii NEWS tsukuri dase! 

I'm listening to NEWS's debut song, NEWS Nippon, right now. I really like it. It's like there are two songs in one song because they use many variation of cords and notes, and the ending of this song is also very good. I didn't expect that the ending will be like that. So cool ^^

Btw, I just done reading some Hey!Say!JUMP's jumpapers. Jumpaper is like a diary of each JUMP's members. It's fun reading it, it's like you can read their personalities. Hikaru's jumpaper is very long... there are 28 pages, hahaha. So long, but so funny so I don't get bored while reading it. Actually, all of their jumpapers are funny, but not as long as Hikaru's. 

How's your saturday night? I'm staying home for the whole day because I have to take care of my little brother while my parents are not in home. Btw, today, the National Exam Result for Middle School is out. Congratulation to those who graduate. Now, you're step ahead to the future. Prepare yourself for the unforgettable moment you will have in highschool. Oh, I've been reading some of my friends's tweets today. They were grumbling about how small scores they got from the National Exam. Hey, why don't you just be thankful for being able to graduate? Or being able to school? There are so many kids who do not have chance to be a stundent, so don't be grumble about your scores. Just try to make it better next time, okay. Ever tried, ever failed. No matter, try again. Fail again... Fail better. That's one of the best quotes I ever heard, so if you failed to get a great scores this time, just accept it and make it better in highschool. I've been through a lot of failures, so I'm used to it ;__;

My little brother is able to graduate from middle school. I'm happy, but he doesn't get pretty good scores, so my mom was mad at him and now he's grounded. Well, that's fine. Let's make it better in highschool later, bro :)

I don't know what to say anymore....




I really don't know what to say anymore, so I'll catch you in another chance.
Recently, my love to Takaki Yuya is getting bigger, hehehe. He has a new haircut which makes him looks super awesome. Oh, the last crap for today. I'm signing off.

Jaa nee

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Khaira said...

hello... salam kenal.. :)
I'm a fan of JE, including HSJ too..
can you direct me to a link where I can read their magazine column or jumpaper?
Arigatou.. ^_^

Denisa said...

sorry for a loooong reply. You can sign up to livejournal and join their community at and it will direct you to many other sites about HSJ. :)

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