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Awesome Musicians from my Childhood until Now

So, the topic for today is 'Musician in Your Life'... Hahaha what topic? Like I ever make a topic for my crap before, hehe. Okay, seriously... Suddenly, I'm feel like writing about these musicians who left a great impression and memories in my life ever since I was a kid until now. Here we go~

1. Sheila on 7
Sheila on 7! I got to know them when I was in elementary school, when I was 7. Whoaaaah.... It's been a long time, right? I've known this coolest band from Indonesia for like half of my life, when they still have five original members, with Sakti and Anton. That's why I put on this picture and not their recent one, because this is the formation that made me fell in love with them. 5 Members. I was just a little kid at that time, so I didn't fangirled over them for their looks, but mainly for their  undoubtedly amazing beautiful music.

The very first song that made me really attracted to them was Hingga Ujung Waktu. Even until now, I still listen to this song a lot, never once I get bored with it. Back then, I didn't really understand the meaning of its lyrics which is filled with metaphore and poetry-like words, but the melody was simply beautiful and it gave me chill. I came to understand more about their music when I was in Junior High and realized that this band has the most amazing, wonderful, unthinkable, yet very relatable lyrics I ever heard. I always bought their cassettes and play it in the highest volume on my radio with my brothers. I was only 13 years old and didn't have too much passion on fangirling, so I didn't try to learn their albums or memorize much of their songs. I didn't even try to look up more details and information about them, but their music remains as one of the most beautiful things I ever know and enjoy. Until now, Sheila on 7 always has special spot in my heart and I have great respect towards their music and career. Always.

Who doesn't know them? Well... people who spent their childhood or teens during 1999 to 2003 must know how big they were. Westlife, one of the finest boybands I know from Irlandia. I got to know them when I was in elementary school too, almost at the same time as when I knew about S07. The one who introduced their music to me was my big brother. Back then, I wasn't a fan of any western group or music because I don't understand English at all, but the melody in their songs caught my attention and my heart, along with the handsome looks of course LOL. So, I became a Westlife's fan right away, I didn't understand what they sang but I like the melody and music in their songs, and only when I got in Junior High that I finally learned to understand about the lyrics. I translated the lyrics in Flying Without Wings and fell in love again, like for the first time again, for that song.

At that time, I really made a lot of efforts to collect their albums, DVDs, and everything related to them. They were probably the biggest star in during 1999 - 2003 especially in Indonesia, because they were able to attract 15.000 audiences for their concert here. I even collected the Concert DVD and watched all of their videos that I could get (remember that there was no youtube back then so I really went to DVD store to buy their stuffs). I have their albums from Westlife, Coast to Coast, World of Our Own, 'til Unbreakable. My favorite member was and is still Mark Feehily for his beautiful, beautiful voice. Me and my brothers were big fans of them, but since Bryan left the group, we kinda lost interest and no longer fanatic about them. Yeah, maybe I really am not a true fan, but for me, they have left such a great memories from my childhood and their musics remain in my heart. I still listen to them until now, and sometimes I look up to their recent music too, though not as much as I used to be. But I know that whenever their music was played on TV, I will sit to watch it, and whenever I need to remember the good old days, it is their song that I will listen. They created so many good memories in me and I will cherish those feelings.

3. The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers. A Boyband from Disney, Amerika. They were also the reason I got to know Disney more. Eventhough I watched Disney cartoons a lot, I never really interested in them as a company and Jonas Brothers was the one who made my teenager self more interested in learning about entertainment industry, especially in Disney. I got to know them when I was in 1st year of High School, maybe that's why I started to pay more attention on their background story and not only their music or lyrics or handsome looks. I really read a lot of stuffs about them, and collect their songs. I even have 3 of their first albums and concerts DVDs.

I like them when they were at the beginning of their career as Disney stars. Their album, Jonas Brothers, have a lot of catchy songs that I didn't expect would catch my heart.  It was certainly one of the best albums they have which really raise their name as a group. I also keep up with their TV Series and TV Movie such as Camp Rock and JONAS. I was still a big fan of them until their album, A Little Bit Longer, before I slowly lost interest. My favorite member was Joe Jonas, because very shallow reason of course (the most handsome and the lead singer), but then I grew some respect for Nick Jonas who was the youngest, and yet very mature, eventhough he has diabetes, he never give up and do many campaigns to rise awareness to help diabetes people. Plus, he's also the one who write the music and lyrics in Jonas Brothers. I totally lost track with them after their album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Time because I simply got bored with them. But they have made me realized that entertainment industry was not as simple as it seemed. And they also introduce me to some great Disney artists too, which I still enjoy until now.

4. Miley Cyrus
I never interested in female singers before. I mean, I never really became a fan of anyone, I simply just like their songs and music and that's it. Miley Cyrus was the first female singer that got me really interested, not only in her music, but in... like... everything about her. To be honest, I didn't really like her at first for some shallow reasons. I found her because of Jonas Brothers who starred in Hannah Montana as the guest stars,. I also bought Hannah Montana Concert DVD only to watch Jonas Brothers, but I ended up liking Miley even more because she was simply attractive and really talented and seemed like a fun person.

I finally started watching Hannah Montana and soon got addicted to it. Hannah Montana made me love her even more. She was so hilarious in every episode, I was surprised and amazed with her acting. I also like her music and her unique alto voice. Then, I started looking up more information about her and her music outside of Hannah Montana. I personally love her first two albums, Meet Miley Cyrus and Breakout. I always adored those singers who write their own music, and Miley happened to be one of them, which made me really amazed because she really write some amazing music and lyrics for such a young singer. All the tracks in Breakout album were simply outstanding and catchy, an album that make you don't want to skip any song in it. One thing that I like the most from her is her bravery to always be herself no matter what. She made a lot of mistakes, and yet she continue to do great things as well, and she never hesitate to admit her mistakes. Hope she will continue to inspire others in a good way.

5. Michael Jackson
I'm one of those people became a fan of Michael Jackson after his death. Actually, I've known Michael since I was a kid (who doesn't, he's a king!!), but I was terrified of him because he looked so pale and white. I was only a kid and didn't understand English, so I didn't know what kind of a great person he was. Nor that I aware that he was a legend. His death which caused a lot of chaos and made the internet broke down made me curious about him. I watched his funeral and I found myself crying, eventhough I didn't know him well at that time. His songs were played on TV everyday for like a month, and only people who has no sense of beauty who would ignore the wonderful message in his music. I was kinda surprised that the songs that sound very familiar to my ears are actually belongs to him, such as You Are Not Alone, Childhood, Ben, Music and Me, We Are the World, I'll Be There, and Heal the World.

I started looking for more things and details about him and his music, and in such a short time, I've become his fan. His live performances from concerts or TV really amazed me. It's like he's in different level compared to other musicians I've known before. This man is magical, I thought to myself. I fell for this legend when he's already passed away. I think he's really the best musician that ever existed. And his background stories amazed me even more. This guy has through a lot of painful things, yet he never give up on making great music and doing a lot of charities. He delivers such a great message through his music and continue to inspire people even after everything he's been through. His songs are different than other people. He talks about real events, real life problems, and humanity, such as Will You Be There, They Don't Care About Us, and Man in the Mirror. He makes me respect him through his music and his attitude towards life. Until now, I still think that he is the greatest musician ever. And he's one of the best human being. No one can beat him so far. No one.

6. Hey! Say! JUMP

I intentionally put their debut picture from 4 years ago when they still look innocent and adorable, hehe. Hmm, I guess it's really weird, my sudden change in music preference, from Western, Band, to Jpop boyband who have 10 members in it. Given the fact that I underestimate boybands before, especially Asian boybands. I never thought that I would become a fan of boybands. Karma?

Hey! Say! JUMP is one of the most famouse boybands in Japan. I even dreamed to visit Japan so I can watch their concert live. Seriously, I never interested to watch any concerts before, but Johnny's concert is really in different level compared to other concert. Even watching it from DVD doesn't feel enough. They made me realized that Japan has really different way in entertainment industry, especially those who are under Johnny Jimusho. I posted a blog about them before, including their background and music. They are currently my favorite musicians so far. I can't stop browsing anything about them. I fall for them as a whole and not only in one member. :)

Well, that's all for today. Okay, I'll see you in another chance. Bye bye~

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hallo girl,gak sengaja baca lumaya juga isinya. keep upgrade your blog. i'm JUMPER too :D

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hey, thank you for reading :D I will. Stay tuned on it :)

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