Saturday, May 21, 2011

tagged-facts about myself

Well, I've been tagged by Audcline and since I'm bored and have nothing to do, I'll follow this game, then hahaha

1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have fun.

10 things about me:
1. I'm a Muslim, and I'm proud [this is a facebook fanpage's title, hahaha] :)
2. I don't like sweets. I do eat them sometimes but I can't eat them too much. I'd prefer junkfood and salty foods [That's why I never succeeded with my diet]
3. I'm the second children in my family, the only girl [besides my mom] I have one older brother and one little brother. They're quite cool :)
4. I like Japanese music and dorama. I used to like Kdrama, but after I watched Jdramas, I immediately thought that kdrama is kinda boring hahaha [no offense]
5. I've known about Hey!Say!JUMP for years, but I started to become a fan of them for these past 6 months because of Yuya Takaki. They are currently my favorite artists. Can't stop browsing anything about them >.<
6. I love Disney and Disney stars such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Jonas Brothers. Don't you think that Disney is kind of like Johnny Jimusho? It's just that Disney allowed girls to join ^^
7. I'm a pregmatic-romantic and a Taurus ^^
8. I like being alone and not feeling lonely as long as I have my blackberry and internet with me.
9. It takes a long time for me to get along with new people, but once I become close with them, I can show the real real me in front of them :]
10. I don't understand why most of Japanese fangirls love fanfics. I don't like fanfics because I think some of fanfics are crazy. I think if you want to become a writer, you can simply write a story or novel and create your own characters. Hahaha... this is just my own opion, once again, no offense :3

That's all. Haha there are so many facts about myself but I'm too lazy to write it down, and the rules saying that I just have to put ten facts. Btw, who the hell will care with these? Hahaha oh well, it's quite good to kill the time.

I tagged:
1. Gadis
2. Tari
3. Debby
4. Nadya
5. Kartika

I just put random names of my friends who have blog and usually read my blog (I don't meant to be narcist, they're the one who say they read my blog :P) and actually I'm not sure they will do this 'tagged-facts about myself' thing because they're not that kind of person, hahaha. :P

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audCline♥ said...

hehe...thanks for doing this tag thing=)
aww~ we're opposite i super love sweets.haha...

Denisa said...

I do love sweets like ice cream and vanilla, but I can't eat them too much ^^

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