Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Quality Time with Debby Amanda

Kyou wa tsukareta desune...?

Well, those are the only Japanese words I can remember from the book I read. Hahaha... Today is really tiring, isn't it? But today probably one of the best day I've ever had. That's because I spent it with my closest cousin, Debby Amanda. I miss her so much because we haven't meet for a long time and finally today, WE MET and had quality time together :D

I really want to treasure each moment I have today. Okay, I'll tell you our little fun miserable journey ^^ We promised to meet up at Empang Tiga at 11.30 am, but I fell asleep until 12.30 am. My phone was all silent so I didn't hear any ring from it. Debby was calling me for about 16 times! She was waiting for me for about an hour, hahaha, sorry, girl! I was tired from stase at Cibubur yesterday. Your patience is a proof that you are better than a boyfriend, hahaha :P

From Empang Tiga, we decided to go to TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) because Debby want to see the information about some music event (I forgot what exact event it is), then we chilled around at Teater Kesenian Jakarta and took some pictures. We were so tacky because none of any visitors of that place take pictures and actually, that theater is not a tour location :P But we couldn't help the temptation of the building. It is really cool, plus, we thought we have to capture and treasure every moments we have.. Here are two pictures from my camera~

From TIM, we decided to go to Grand Indonesia mall. Well, the problem was, neither me nor Debby knew what transportation we should take from TIM to GI. Fyi, both of us are home-girls. We always spend most of our time in home, so although we've been living in Jakarta for years, we still don't have any clue about the road, hahaha. And yes, we got lost together. We tried asking some random people we met on the road about the way to go to GI, and we got some helps, but we still got lost, hahaha, bakayarou! But that was fun, you know, the moment when two of us were lost and confused. That was fun because we were together so we thought it was a very fun miserable journey :))

we finally reach the center of the city~
Well, we could reached Grand Indonesia at the end, after a long journey full of astray, hahaha. You know that GI is one of the coolest mall in Jakarta, and one of the widest too. We still hyped and excitedly walked to that big building. There are so many awesome art creations and artifacts in GI. We went straight to Gramedia and yes, we spent so many hours at that bookstore, hahaha. Debby was reading some articles about Korea, and I read some articles about Japan. Usually, there are some kind of cold war between kpop and Jpop fans. I don't know why, but usually they couldn't get along because of this difference, but it totally doesn't matter for me and Debby. Haha, we've known each other since we were born :D

Debby with one of awesome art creations in GI~
We got hungry and decided to look for cheap foods outside GI because we didn't bring too much money today and we couldn't drop at any restaurant in GI because the price is really expensive. We ended up had a little dinner at Seven Eleven near the mall, hahaha. We bought this little food called "sushi" (Debby who named it like that) because it's like sushi. It's just not as good as the real sushi and pretty cheap. The taste is quite delicious, I think, probably because I was starving so every food would taste good for me hahaha. 

Debby couldn't stay too long outside home at night because she is a 'girl' and so am I so we decided to go home at 07.30 pm. We took Transjakarta to went home. And our  journey has finally reach its end. I really had a good time. I miss you already, sister. Let's go to some fun places again next time. Take care :)

Because it's best to cherish every moment in your life... :)

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