Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing Much

Hey guys....

I'm so tired. It supposed to be a day off today but my friends called me out to work our college assignment. Btw, today is one of my friend's birthday. Happy birthday, Mella. May all the best go with you. Stay cheerful and natural ^^

Yesterday, I bought the next series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Last Straw. I love this book. I suggest you guys to read it too. It will help you increase your English ability in a fun way. It's quite easy to understand and very funny. So far, I've collect two books of the series:

The author made this book like a diary of a wimpy kid. This is a diary of Greg Heffley, a middle school student who thinks that he is the most perfect human being on earth. He write down all of his thoughts and point of view about his life in this book in funny way. Gergory Heffley receives a diary from his mother, which he refers to as a journal and in it records his years of middle school and so on. Somehow, reading this book will encourage me to write more in this blog. I don't care if nobody read my blog though, because I write in here for my own sake and it feels good when you recall all of your memories from the past through your writing/diary/journal :)

On a very different note, tomorrow I will have a sleepover with Mabiters 2011, Aroma and Rombeng (akhwat) at Cibubur. It's my turn to accompany these girls this week. The good news is, Mia and Tyas will accompany me. And probably, Maya will go along with us too. Yaaay... I'm so excited. We feel so nostalgic because last year, we did the same thing like what these mabiters doing now: living in a strange place with your friends only for about 2 weeks. It was a great time, though. ^^

Okay, now news about my beloved boys, Hey!Say!JUMP
Hikaru Yaotome will be staring in a new drama titled You Are Beautiful, a remake of K-Drama. I'm not a fan of K-Drama so I never watched this one, but since Hikaru will be one of the main characters in the remake, I'm so looking forward to it. Finally, JUMP members is back to acting again... Yaaay~
I've heard the clear version of Over song, Hey!Say!JUMP's new single. I'm not being bias, but the song is really awesome. I'm so can't wait for the PV!! And Screw song which is Hey!Say!BEST's new song in the new single is also very good. The song itself is written by Kota Yabu (again!!). He really needs to make his own album which filled with his own songs, but I want him to stay with JUMP though ^^

Okay that's all. Catch you later~

PS: I'll post the lyric and translation of Hey!Say!JUMP's new song in the next post.

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Nikko Sucahyo said...

never read the book but i like the movie though, you should watch it

Denisa said...

I never watched the movie.. I'm looking forward to it :D

Btw, the book is really funny. You should watch it :P

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