Thursday, May 12, 2011

I should treasure this one birthday

Hey guys...

Yes, it's my birthday. I'm now 19. I'm not feeling that excited actually. Well, I know I probably look like someone who always very excited about birthday, and yes, I am. I will be very excited about my friend's birthday, but honestly, I'm not that excited about my own birthday, hahaha. Oh, I just found out that my birthday is in the same date as NEWS's debut anniversary. How cool, isn't it? B-)

Today went fine. It's a rainy day actually and I thank God for that. I like rain and I think the rain that pour down from the sky today is His present for me, hehehe. Oh, and one of my college's friend has the same birthday as me. Happy birthday to you, Cho Prakoso. And why were you sticking around me all the time at college earlier? Hahaha :P

Thank you to all of you who say happy birthday to me through facebook, twitter, text messages, bbm, phone, etc. Really appreciate it. And thanks for all the wishes too. Btw, this is the last year I will be in teens's age. Next year I'm going to be 20. You don't know how sad I am because of that. That's why I think I need to treasure this one birthday. 19. Time flies... I want to go back to elementary school, middle school, highschool, if only I can.

By the way, Ema, Kiki, Tika, and Vina came to my house tonight. They brought me a birthday cake. I really didn't expect that. Thank you very much, guys. Ever since elementary school until now, you are still one of best people I ever know. And the cake is very delicious too. Thank You very much guys. 

Fyi, Hey!Say!JUMP's new single preorder has been opened (it's opened in my birthday too, another awesome coincidence B-)) Just FYI, because I myself is not going to preorder it. Not because I don't want to. It's just the price is too expensive for a poor college-student like me. Trust me, I really want to preorder but my pocket is totally empty. I just read the information again and I can't believe that everyone already pre-order it. the one with lowest price (which still very expensive for me) has been sold out for Limited Edition CD and Regular Edition CD. Sugoiii....... Go go go Hey!Say!JUMP.!JUMP HIGHER! Sorry I can't buy your CD. What kind of fan I am?

And my mom told me that I can ask anything for my birthday present, and I asked her whether I can pre-order the regular edition of JUMP's new single, and she said I can. Yaaaay~ But don't worry, someday, maybe in two or three years later, I will go to Japan and watch your concert LIVE. AMEN!!

PS: It supposed to be a birthday post for myself. I planned to write something awesome about myself in this post but end up with another fangirling again. Hahaha... Sorry, I just can't help it. Well, once again, hontou ni arigatou minna-san for making this day isn't too boring. Dan Terimakasih, Ya Allah, sudah memberikanku kesempatan untuk merasakan umur 19 tahun. :)

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