Friday, May 6, 2011

Hey!Say!JUMP to release new single

It's been announced that Hey!Say!JUMP will release their 7th single titled "Over" on June 29th. Besides Hey!Say!JUMP, the single includes two songs of subgroups Hey!Say!BEST and Hey!Say!7.

Rumors of a possible new Hey!Say!JUMP single, apparently announced during one of their recent concerts, have now officially been confirmed with an announcement on Johnny's Net. Their 7th single "Over" is planned for June 29th and includes the following songs:
- Over
- Ai-ing -Aishiteru-
- Screw (Hey!Say!BEST)
- You got more (Hey!Say!7)

Subgroups Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey! Say! 7 consists of the five oldest and five youngest members respectively.


My boys will release four new songs this year!! First, they finally have their own TV Show and there are two (Shounen Club and Yan Yan JUMP) and now they will release more than one new song in a year. I think it is not exaggerated to say that this year belongs to my beloved Hey!Say!JUMP !! Aaaah... I am so looking forward to the PV and PV making. I'm even thinking to save my money so I can pre-order it but if the price is too expensive.... let's just wait until someone post it in LJ so I can download it for free, hahaha. Well, sorry for this poor college student :P

I'm sure the songs are gonna be great just like JUMP's other songs. One month until the PV come out. Woohoooo~

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