Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Yama-chan !!

Yay, it's Yama-chan's birthday. Not yet in my country, but it's already your birthday in your hometown, Japan, so I decide to post this birthday post now :P The ace of Hey!Say!JUMP. The most popular member around the girls :P This boy has finally turn into 18. People around the world is celebrating your birthday by trying to trend #ichigoprince on twitter. AND WE DID IT. It becomes a trending topic on Indonesian twitter. We'll keep trying to make it worldwide trending topic. See, how much people love you? :D Why Ichigo? Of course because you love ichigo so much, right? In Hey!Say!JUMP's concert at Fukuoka two days ago, the audiences were also celebrating your birthday with you. I wish I was there too.

Hey, I heard you once complained about your height, hahaha. Don't worry Yama-chan, you still have so much times to grow. Now, you're even a bit taller than Daichan, right? Btw, is it just me or your face doesn't really change? Yes, your hairstyle has changed pretty often and you're getting bigger and bigger now, but that cute rascal expression in your face doesn't changed at all. Hahaha.... Well, I hope you're surrounded by happiness. I'm looking forward to your upcoming projects, dramas, songs, etc etc. Stay awesome, stay cute, stay adorable.... I love you :)

PS: Three days from now is my birthday. Yay, you and I are taurus partners, aren't we? :P

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audCline♥ said...

otanjoubi omedetou Bhuta-chan>w< haha~
the ichigoprince is now 18...woah~~~

Denisa said...

yesss... time flies. :D

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