Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ryosuke Yamada's Article Translation from Indonesia Magazine (Kawanku No. 96)

Animal Lover:
“I love animal so much. I love visiting the Zoo. Someday, if I have to live alone, I will definitely adopt a dog as pet. I want to have toy dogs like poodle or chihuahua. It doesn't matter either its male or female. Cute animal will definitely makes me melted. For my dear dog, because I am busy, I will be forced to let my mom taking care of you. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. I still love you, don’t worry. Please, keep being spoiled and stay cute.”

The Girl of My Love
Ryosuke has a deep point of view about falling in love. “Not being loved, but 'to love' is an emotion that we need to have. It will add more colors in your life. If I got buried (can be translated as got my heart broken) because of love, I still want to fall in love again. I believe that true love is not born from easy relationship.” If Ryosuke has to describe the color of love, he chooses white. Love is always start with white which plain like a canvas. The color could change, it depends on what kind of girl he'd meet. Ryosuke wants to have his own color of love which specially created between him and the girl. Aww… so poetic.

Direct Confession
As a type of boy who's always very straightforward when confessing love to a girl, he will confess directly. Ryosuke also wants the girl to be brave to confess directly to him so he will know her true feeling. A feminine and sweet girl is his ideal type of girl. “When we’re talking, she has to be able to make situation feels comfortable. It would be better if she’s good at cooking. Whatever the menu is, as long as she made it wholeheartedly, I will love it. She has to understand my job too, because I probably can’t meet her very often. When I’m flirting (with her), I will always talk, laugh, and joke with her.” Said Ryosuke who confessed to a girl for the first time in kindergarten.

Anything for Girlfriend
“For my prospective girlfriend, someday I will tell her, ‘I am probably very noisy when I talk and I am fussy too, but I promise that our life will be colorful.” In the morning, I want to be the first person who says ‘good morning’ to you. And at night, before sleep, although just for one minute, I want to hear her voice. Mostly boys usually are lazy to accompany their girlfriend to go shopping, but I will gladly do it. I will help her to choose the outfits which look good on her. If she asks me what color that suits her, I’ll choose it for her. Leave it all to me, hahaha. If we fight, I’m not afraid to apologize in the first place. I’ll pinch her cheek while saying “I’m sorry…”. If she's still angry, I will find another way to change the situation. On her birthday, valentine, or our relationship anniversary, I will spend the whole day with her. I think all boys are willing to do that. I will give her an eternal present that she can treasure and keep forever. 

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Sherry Chen said...

Sometimes you forget to add 'a' or 'the' to sentences, but that's okay since we basically get what you mean. ^^

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

Thanks. I'll add it now hahaha >.<

Anonymous said...

aawwwww~~ he's so sweet ♥
reading this made my heart go doki doki~~♥

thank you so much!

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

you're welcome. Thankyou for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

even though I already read some of the parts, i still blush while reading it ♥_♥

i was shocked when i read that he confessed to a girl when he was in kindergarten ;p haha very lucky girl =_=

Thanks for these!

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

I KNOW RIGHT?! He's already had his first love when he was still in kindergarten haha =.=

You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

wiii~~~ DX nyesel ga beli majalahnya ;__;
tuh fotonya kakkoi banget >////<
nih majalahnya pasti ngambil dr trans majalah jepang juga XD


*masih flailing*

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

Dou itashimashite :)
Iya, aku punya softfile foto-fotonya haha pasti nyolong2 dari LJ juga kok :)

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeh itu kawanku kapan? Baru nggak sih?
*maaf dateng2 sok kenal*

Oiya aku add LJ kamu yaah! :)

Denisa P. Rosandria said...

itu kira-kira seminggu atau dua minggu yg lalu, yg kawanku edisi asia (khusus jepang dan korea *mostly about korea*) haha oke2. btw, aku ga pernah pakai LJ buat nulis, cuma buat baca LJ Hey Say doang hehe :)

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