Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Okamoto Keito! Shine More...

Today is April Fool Day... but it doesn't mean that this birthday's post is another trick to fool you out x) Today belongs to Keito Okamoto's birthday... That talented guitarist from Hey! Say! JUMP and one of my favorite members. Boy, you've turn 18 now. This year is definately belong to you. You will graduate from High School and you finally get your first lead role in drama. Kinpachi Sensei, as a delinquent. Whoaaaahhhh.... I've watched your acting and you were so kakkoi! No wonder about that.

I'm so glad that you finally get a chance to shine because Johnny really need to give you a chance to fly. Hahaha... anyway, you sure have changed a lots. First time I saw you, I thought you're just another weird kid whom I disliked because you don't get a lots of spot in music video, yet you look awkward and I thought you're not important in Hey! Say! Jump. How mean I was... But hey, I was wrong. You look more gentle and gentle as you grow up and when I saw you play your guitar in SUMMARY concert, I know that you're not just ordinary. You're extraordinary and I must admit that I finally fall for you..... Hahaha what a karma!

Btw, I heard that you plan to go to University after graduate from highschool, just like Inoo-chan, so I wish you tons of luck. I'm so proud of you, Keito. Please, shine more and may all the best go with you~

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