Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Bunda and Mami
So, today, April 5 in 2011 is a birthday of two mothers in Aroma, Dewi Apriliani and Fitri Suhada. What a great coincidence, hahaha... This is really interesting for me. Two mothers: Bunda Dewi and Mami Fitri. Yes, Aroma have two beautiful mothers, something that we can be proud of, probably, hahaha. Thanks Bunda for taking care all of us and guide us to the right way, for always cook us so many delicious foods (your cooking is one of the best in the world), for being such a great mother because I know it's not easy to take care of Aroma which filled with so many absurd people (including you two), hehehe. And for Mami Fitri, thanks for being such a cool mother who always join us in doing many silly things, who always teach us math (although I never can understand because I really don't like that lesson -_-)... Hmm, writing this has bringing me back to the old times when we were still mabiters. You two are two weird combination yet you two were choosen to be our mothers, wasn't that strange and cool at the same time? Hehehe I love you guys, Bunda and Mami. I hope you two have the best of luck and may Allah always be with you (I'm sure He will), hopefully all of us and Aroma will have a chance to gather together again. Ahh... This is so nostalgic, now I remember all the good / bad times we've ever had. What a good moments we had. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHERS! For Bunda, stay strong, stay beautiful, and do your best in your college. For Mami, don't eat too much noodles, you'll break your tummys. Eat more healthy foods. For you two, please, don't ever get tired of being mothers of Aroma. We love you! =D

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