Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aiing Aishiteru - Hey!Say!JUMP's New Song

Hi there...
Well, as you see from the title, I'm gonna talk about Hey!Say!JUMP's newest song. Yaaaay.... They released a new song titled Aishiteru. I've already downloaded the mp3 and the video performance and now I'm looking forward to the clear version of the mp3. Too bad this one is not their new single so they will not make a music video for this song. Aaa... this song is really catchy. I even have imagined my own concept for the music video and how awesome it would look like, although it would never come true, hahaha. Fyi, starting this April, Hey!Say!JUMP will be the regular hosts for Shounen Club, replacing Keichiiro Koyama (NEWS) and Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN). I really like Koyama and Nakamaru, but I'm so excited with JUMP being the regular hosts. They finally have their own TV Show. Hey!Say!JUMP will also be regular hosts for Yan Yan JUMP. Whoaaah... I think they are really shining this year and I hope for upcoming years too. I hope they'll shine forever~

The Song:
I don't want to be bias here. It took me 3 or 4 times to listen to this song to finally like it. It's not so catchy when you're listening to it for the first time, unlike Ultra Music Power, Dreamer, Snow Song, Score, or any other HSJ songs which got me hooked by only listening to it for the first time. Well, probably the same like Arigatou - Sekai no Doko ni Itemo, which I didn't find interesting or easy listening but now after some times, I really enjoy it a lot. Aiing Aishiteru is a bit catchier and easier, though, because it has the cheerful vibe but sounds too childish for me. I kinda wish HSJ will sing more mature song such as Hitomi no Screen or Over. Well, it's not my typical love song, and I don't think it will be my favorite after some time later because I'm feel like this song belongs to children. No offense, I'm just being honest here :3

Performance in Shounen Club:
Not the whole outfits, only the pants. They look so bright and too much to be worn by a group of young boys. Well, although it's not the first time they wore these kind of bright, overly colorful-glittery outfits (Japan's boyband characteristic especially Johnny's), but HSJ members are growing older and mature now, they should be wearing something cooler and simpler. The dance is also kind of girly but....... I LOVE IT WHEN THEY'RE DANCING HAND IN HAND. Aaa... I always love HSJ's bromance, hahaha.

Yabu-kun has the most wonderful voice of all them, while Ryosuke, Hikaru, Yuya, and Yuto's voice remains stable as always. The way Yabu sang the high note is beautiful. Sugoiii, Yabu! :D The most disappointing part is, once again, only Keito, Inoo, and Ryutaro who didn't get solo part. Geez, Keito was in Kinpachi Sensei Final SP and people love it, but why don't Johnny give him chance to shine more? Inoo is the one who make JUMP's band in concert complete, and people don't know much about Ryutaro because Johnny never let him has the spotlight. How would peole know him? >.< 

The Look
They are not the same child you saw in Shounen Club three years ago anymore. I mean, their look changed a lot in this performance. Ryosuke's hair is shorter, makes his eyes shown clearly (which is good because I really like his eyes *_*), Ryutaro is getting taller and I like his hairstyle here. Keito also cuts his hair shorter which makes his mainly face looks even so much more handsome, and Yuya... It seems like he grows his hair back to the Gokusen era which I really like. Aaa... why are you so cool, Yuya? >.< Yuto's hair is getting longer. Hmm... I'd prefer him with short hair but anything is fine because he is YUTO for crying out loud, he's always perfect! Yabu, Hikaru, and Inoo looks handsome as always. Daichan, is it just me or he's taller now? He looks adorable and as always his dance is one of the best in group >.< And last... Chinen! OMG, he changed so much! He looks more awesome, more handsome, and looks more mature. I couldn't see the cute Chinen from him because his hairstyle makes him so much more mainly. Seriously, Chinen, you look totally handsome in this performance. Probably because his new haircut or his height has increased? 

I hope you guys enjoy the review. Jaa nee bye bye :D

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