Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wish Me Luck!

It's 04.00 am. I just had my sahur for sunnah fasting today. I've plan to start doing this sunnah fasting routinity every week. Monday-Thursday's fasting, my Dad always tell me how important it is to do this sunnah fasting because inya Allah, you will achieve so many good things in your life. I don't wish to achieve something big whatsoever, I just wish by I'm used myself to do every little good things like sunnah fasting, I will be a stronger person who can fight every ordeals that come in the future. I plan to be a very very good person today so, please, wish me tons of luck. Nah, that's all I want to say. Jaa nee~

PS: Today is my twin's birthday. I probably gonna make a special birthday post for her later around afternoon.

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