Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justin Bieber with New Harcut

My obsession to you has already long gone. True, I used to be a big fan of this boy but I've already get over it. I'm still following him on twitter though, because he's following me back. And I still pay a bit attention of news about him. But I'm not a fan anymore. But... I must admit that Justin Bieber with his new haircut is very handsome. He's even more captivating than he used to be. He's not so child-like anymore. He is more adult-like which sometimes very sexy. This new haircut really matches his face and totally change his image as a teenager. He looks more mature now and more handsome. Well, I'm getting over the hate. Now, bring on the love <3



Btw, it doesn't mean I'm back to be a big fan of him again now. I just really really like his new hair so I want to write about it. Don't you think that he looks cool and cute at the same time now, hehe. 

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