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Hey! Say! JUMP

I finally get a chance to write about them... Hey!Say!JUMP. My new favorite Japanese boyband. =D I know your first impression when you saw them: They have too many members. Another asian gay boyband. Something like that. Especially if you're male, you must be underestimating them in the first place. Honestly, I disliked this boyband. I've already knew about Hey!Say!JUMP since a long time ago, but I didn't have any interested to get to know them better because I thought they have too many members and yes... I underestimated this kind of musician before. I thought that asian boyband is so gay. Haha... Now I'm totally crazy about them. What an irony. And that's because of Yuya Takaki. I really like Japanese dorama and one of my favorite is Gokusen 3. Yuya is one of the main characters and I'm 'in love' with him after I watched it. Hehe... because of him, I tried listening to Hey!Say!JUMP's songs. I didn't expect that their songs would be really good and catch my heart right away! And then I started searching for more info about the other members of JUMP besides Yuya, and apparently they all are interesting people. And now, I'm in love with all of them =D 

Hey!Say!JUMP is a talented boyband under the Japanese talent Johnny & Associates (Johnny Jimusho). The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period and JUMP is an acronym for Johnny's Ultra Music Power (this is so cheesy to be honest, but it's Japan and they don't give a damn about English, especially Johnny). The group is split into two subgroups: Hey!Say!BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey!Say!7 (not to be confused with the temporary group of the same namewhich consists of the five oldest members and five youngest members respectively. Now, I will tell you about the members from the oldest to the youngest. Here we go...

Hey!Say!BEST are....

Kota Yabu
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Januari 31, 1990
Former member of Ya-Ya-Yah. He is one of my favorite members. He is also a talented songwriter. Dreamer, one of songs which he wrote the lyrics, is my favorite song. His voice is one of the best in the group. Some people even call it "Angel's voice". He's good at playing guitar. Yabu is the oldest, so he's more like an older brother in group. Yabu's position in group is also a leader. Although there was not leader in JUMP, finally he's the one who being regarded as a leader because Yabu is the oldest and he can pull everyone together. JUMP members also called him as the peacemaker <3 When he was still in junior, Yabu was very close with Jin Akanishi, his senior in Johnny (former member of KAT-TUN) and even Akanishi once said that he would love to adopt him as little brother. Awww~

Yuya Takaki
Birthplace: Osaka, March 26, 1990
As I told you before, he is my favorite member. He is the reason I started listening to Hey!Say!JUMP and until now, he is still my favorite <3 Yuya wrote the lyrics for Time in JUMP No. 1 album. His popularity is risen since he starred in Gokusen 3 as Yamato Ogata. He has a deep voice which sounds sexy <3. Eventhough Yuya is second from the oldest, apparently, his mental age is that of the youngest in JUMP. The man who loves ocean, basketball, and children, that's why he's very close with Chinen, JUMP's members with smallest body. From appearance, he looks more like a cute little baddass but he's actually a plegmatic and romantic person. He's a former member of J.J Express with Inoo, Yuto, Daiki, and Ryutaro.

Kei Inoo
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, June 22, 1990
First thing that I noticed about him: he has a very cute smile and a very beautiful face. Inoo is really good at playing piano. I'm simly amazed whenever he plays it. Inoo-chan always looks calm but apparently, he's one of the funniest member in group. He will tell some random jokes which will make everyone laughs, but he will stay poker face, haha.  Inoo is currently the only college student in JUMP when most artists choose to end their education only until high school. Inoo entered Meiji University, one of universities in Japan whose students are known as smartest and diligent. Inoo always warns his fans about the importance of education. Deep respect for him, because he still prioritizes his education although he's already in the middle of his career's success. And he can manage his time between college and work very well. That's why JUMP members think that he is the smartest among them. He's a former leader of J.J Express. =)

Hikaru Yaotome
Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture, December 2, 1990
Hikaru is also a former member of Ya-Ya-Yah with Yabu. He's great at playing bass and singing rapp. He often writes songs together with Yabu. Hikaru and Yabu also starred in Kinpachi Sensei drama together when they were in highschool. Yes, they are very close because they have been together since they were kids. One of the songs he wrote is Infinity. I really like the song because he uses many variation of words. Hikaru is the funniest member and he often makes pranks to tease another member. He can live up the scene and it's always fun when he's around. He can make funny impersonation too and his acting skills is one of the best in JUMP. He's a fast thinker, like when he’s doing MC at concerts, he can quickly cope with it.

Daiki Arioka
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture, April 15, 1991
His nickname is Daichan. From appearance, he looks kinda gay, I thought at first. But, contrary to his face, he's unexpectedly daring. Haha... I mean, he is one of the cutest members in group that's why sometimes he looks girl-ish. Daichan is the ace in Hey!Say!BEST, and along with Yamada and Chinen, he always get solo part in every song. Daichan is the one who arranged Time song while Yuya wrote the lyrics. He hates English and Math (well, same here :p) Daichan starred in Scrap Teacher and Sensei wa Erai together with Yuto, Ryosuke, dan Chinen as one of the main characters. His favorite music is Hip Hop and I think he is one of the best dancers in JUMP. His singing is wonderful too, he's always stable and never out of tune :)

Hey!Say! 7 are....
Keito Okamoto 
Birthplace: Tokyo, April 1, 1993
This boy is a gentleman. Even JUMP members say that he is a true gentleman because he's very heart-warming. His father is a former member of famous rock boyband, Kenichi Okamoto and his mother is a former model, Nishi Katsue. What a great combination. They have brought such a handsome son, hehehe. Keito lived in Suffolk, England, for about 5 years. No wonder he is so fluent in english. He's one of my favorite. Keito is great at playing guitar and melody, he gets part to play guitar along with Yabu and Hikaru in concert. One of the coolest members, he also thinks that education is important matter. If he's not being a singer, Keito wants to continue his school in London and be an entrepreneur. Well, you can be both singer and entrepreneur, Keito. Oh, Keito's is afraid with the sound of balloon's burst, hahaha =)

Ryosuke Yamada
Birthplace: Tokyo, May 9, 1993
You can tell once after you look at his face: he is the most popular member in JUMP. He is the ace. He can be cute and cool at the same time and seriously, his smile and smirk can make you melt. Yamada gets the most spotlight and solo part in every songs and he's always at the front line. His voice is one of the best in JUMP. He has a soft and deep voice and he can hit the high note. Plus, you can't underestimate his acting skill. Yamada often plays drama and his drama usually reach high rating, like Tantei Gakuen Q and Hidarime Tantei Eye. And you can tell his acting is good by watching HSJ's music videos. He always gets the lead role. Besides of JUMP, Yamada and Chinen are also members of subgroup NYC with Yuma Nakayama.  

Yuto Nakajima
Birthplace: Tokyo,  August 10, 1993
He would rather be called Yuto by everyone than Nakajima-kun. It is said that he is the Leader of Hey!Say!7. I saw him for the first time when he sang Dash while playing drum along with Yuya and Daiki. And he was awesome. Playing drum is one of his hobbies. Dash lyrics itself was written by him. Yuto has a lot of hobbies and talents such as dance, tap dance, photography, drums, etc etc. His acting skill is one of the best in JUMP because he has been playing drama since he was kid. I watched Yuto when he was around 9/10 years old in Nobuta wo Produce, with Kazuya Kamenashi and Tomohisa Yamashita. He was (and still) so adorable. Yuto is the most cheerful person in group and also the tallest. It's like he's always happy in any situation, it's really entertaining to see him =)

Yuri Chinen
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture, November 30, 1993
One of the cutest. He can be cute naturally. Chinen's interesting point is his acrobatic skill. He can do flip back for nine times. Maybe because his father was the Olympics gymnastics bronze medalist. He can reach the high notes and he's also one of the most popular member in group. Chinen's body is the smallest in JUMP and that's why he loves to sit in people's lap. He also loves to sleep together with everyone when they are on tour or travelling together. He is really spoiled hehehe. He admires Ohno Satoshi from Arashi. The boy who loves pink, despite of his spoiled and cute face, he's actually mature in character and very perfectionist, especially when it comes to dancing.

Ryutaro Morimoto 
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, April 6, 1995
Here comes the youngest member in group. Ryutaro-kun. He admires Hideaki Takizawa and loves his mother so much. Since he is the youngest in group, Ryutaro always being 'bullied' by other members (mostly by BEST members). Ryutaro once being stalked by one of his fans, even he was threatened with knife and his cellphone was taken. Because of that, Johnny started to strengthen the security for his artists. Ryutaro is also the first one in Johnny who started his debut in the youngest age: 12. Most of JUMP members say that this boy is very mischievous and cheeky, hehehe. His height increases very fast although he's the youngest member =)

What I love about this boyband is the relationship between every members. They are very close to each other and more like family. Plus, their characters are diverse and different yet they still get along well. I watched some videos of them backstage and their interaction with each other is really funny. When they have to wait the shooting shifts, they always do silly things together or teasing each other. So amusing to watch. I also read their interview in magazines and they're always praising each other. Although they often mocking each other too. All Hey!Say!JUMP members are more like comedians. They all are very funny when they're together. I love them so much. =)

If you want to know more about them, you can check them out in their community. Click it in here
I also suggest you guys to listen to their songs, like "Ultra Music Power" which was used as Japan's Volleyball World Cup Relay 2007 theme song and also their debut song, "Your Seed" which was used as the image song for Japanese release of the animated film Kung-Fu Pandaand all songs in JUMP No. 1 album. Fyi, their song "Arigatou (sekai doko ni itemo), there is a lyric which says Terima Kasih. They sing 'Thank You' in many languages including Indonesia language. It is so cool. And they all are look so handsome in the PV, hehehe. Nah, from now, I'll post more about them. I'll see you later. Jaa nee... =)

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I loved your post.
Hey!Say!JUMP is my favorite group too.
The way you described each one of the members was really cute!

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haha thank you... glad you like it :)
yes, they are so cute :3

addin farhani said...

same here... I started fell in love with HSJ after meet Takaki in Gokusen... h/ever, at first he is not my chiban... but somehow, after listening/watching HSJ video, I started realizing his presence... haha.. and now, he is my ichiban--> Yuya (^^,)

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