Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Takaki Yuya

The picture you see above is my creation. I know.... I'm such an amateur in photoshop so all I can do is just made something like this for my beloved, Yuya Takaki. Forgive me, Yuyaan. If I could do more than that, I would do that. In my dream, I flew to Japan and gave you a lot of basketball stuffs. I wish I could do that in reality, but I'm not a milliyarder who can easily going abroad just to say Happy Birthday to you. Anyway, it's already March 26, 2011 in Japan. It's your birthday!! You turn into 21 year old which is mean you're getting older, cooler, hotter, etc. You're a man, now. Do you guys notice that today is the same day as Earth Hours? What a good coincidence, isn't it? =D People around the world make so many cool birthday videos for you. Have you seen them yet? I wonder if you ever tried to google yourself on internet. You will be amazed because there are so many people who love you and Hey! Say! JUMP. Not only in Japan, but all around the world.

The Boy who loves ocean, I mean, the Man who loves Ocean (because, hey... you're 21 now, right?) , I think you must be disappointed because Hey! Say! JUMP's concert in March has been canceled due to the earthquake. It would be great if you could celebrate your birthday with all members of HSJ and the fans in concert like what Yuto did last year. But I'm sure you will still get so much love from people around you. At least I know that there are so many people who pray for your success and your happiness. So don't worry and please, be happy. I know Japan is not in good condition right now and you can't just go partying like nothing happened. Hmm... I've been talking like I knew you in real life, aren't I? (well, I really wish I could know you in real life, be your friend, or more than that, be your girlfriend and live happily ever after >.<) 

Anyway, I won't write too much. Takaki Yuya-san, I pray the best for you. I hope you have the best of luck and have a great birthday. I hope you will play in more dorama because I can only watch you in Gokusen 3 and the movie. That's not enough. I want more of you. Oh, and please, stay childish forever. Keep that adorable side of yours. Haha I don't have to ask something like this because I know Takaki will always be Takaki. That sweet adorable dorky guy from Hey! Say! JUMP. I hope I can meet you in person and have a good talk with you someday. Haha... what a dream. Once again, Otanjoubi Omedeto, Takaki Yuya-san. Ai shiteru. Wo Ai Ni. I love you. You will always be my cute little baddas... =)

With Love, your admirer...

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