Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Kiki Riski Ananda :D

Kemarin, tanggal 10 Maret 2011 adalah ulang tahun sahabat sepanjang masa, Kiki Riski Ananda. WOOOHOOOOOO.... You're turning 18. You're officially an adult now. Well, saya mau nostalgia sebentar selagi kita berbicara tentang ulang tahun ini. We became friends when I transferred to your school during the 6th grade in elementary school. So, we've been bestfriends for 7 years. I can't believe both of us are officially adults now. Do you remember in our 6th grade, we both were addicted with Animal show on TV? Kita berdua dulu sering main "beburu hewan" kayak di Wild Animal. Kita berburu kucing di sekitar sekolah, yang kita anggap singa. How lame.... oh, kids, hehe. 

And after we graduated from elementary school, we both entered the same junior high. Which makes our friendship stronger. Dan SMP ini pun menakdirkan kita untuk bertemu another bunch of weird people: Ema, Kartika, Revina, Dianti, and Mara (eventhough she's not in the same school, she became one of our precious friends). 

Yesterday, we can't do something big for your birthday, so we bought two cupcakes and brought them to your house at night. Hehe, an ordinary birthday surprise but that's true from our heart. Kiki, we hope you have the best of luck and may all the best go with you. We love you very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

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