Monday, March 14, 2011

College, 2nd Semester, and Task...

Hey there, blog...
My 2nd semester in college has already started since about 3 weeks ago. I thought I would have another easy times like I had in 1st semester this time, but I was wrong. Most of my new college lecturers are not as nice as in semester 1. Actually, they are kinda hard to deal with and very discipline about so many things. Even in the very first day of college, those lecturers have order us to buy so many books and do so many tasks. Fyi, I didn't have any books in semester 1 except a notebook to write some lessons's notes. But this time, every subject has its own books. Since I have 10 new lessons for semester 2, I have to buy so many books because some of lecturers wants more than just one general book. Oh dear... my wallet~~ -_-

Well, college is not that bad actually. I've decided to be more focus in semester 2 so I pay more attention in most of every subjects. Apparantly, these new lessons are not too hard to understand. And I got a very cool lecturer in Kalam Science. He's a very good writer and he teaches us very well. My new Arabic's lecturer is better than I had in semester 1 too. Eventhough I still can't understand many things in that lesson, but this new lecturer has a better way in teaching rather than the old one. Hehe, sorry to say that. Hopefully my Arabic lecturer in semester 1 never read this. :p

What else? Hmm... The sun has been unfriendly these days, right? It shines too bright and the weather is too hot sometimes. I miss rainy season. Nah, I gotta go now. I'm going to accompany my mom buying some household stuffs. And I have a task to do. So, I'll see you next time. Jaa ne... :)

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