Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Holiday Sucks

As you see right up above... I'm gonna talk about my galauness for these past last one month. In other words: CURHAT!

I'm in my one month-college holiday now after struggling with UAS for three weeks (pretty long, wasn't it?). I was relieved when I finally get a chance to rest after six months I spent most of my days at college or Mabit Nurul Fikri. Fiuh, that was one of the most tiring days in my life since I'm a freshman in college and a new teacher in Mabit. So many things to be done and finally, I'm free. I've made a to-do-list things to spend my long holiday. I bought a lots of Japanese dorama to watched, some new books to read, and made a promise to meet up with some old friends. Sounds perfect for holiday, but.... well, I made plans, but apparently God has another plan. My holiday is not as fun as I thought it would be.

There's nothing worse than family problem. You know, it sucks. And I've spent the whole holiday, struggling with my own minds, thinking about this family problems. I can't do anything to fix it, or to help my parents. They don't let me to interfere, though. They said, all I have to do is stay out of the problems and just watch. How annoying. I mean, my parents always talking about this problem in front of my room with loud voice. And I, who don't have anything to do except sleep, eat, etc, always stay in my room almost for 24 hours. I have ears and they works well so I could hear everything that my parents talk about. That's annoying because all I can do is just listen and silent. The worst thing is I got this suck insomnia so I totally can't sleep at night. I'm getting bored watching the same dvd over and over (though the dorama still makes me laugh) and I'm bored. 24 hours in my room accompanied by my blackberry only? I NEED A REAL LIFE.

I still have two weeks left for holiday. Anyone save me, please. I'm begging you! L

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