Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holiday and Gokusen Manga

Hey there~

I'm still in my college holiday. There are four days left for holiday and next week, I'm going to start my 2nd semester. Fiuh, time flies faster than I thought. My sleep time has been totally messed up while holiday. Night turns into day, and day turns into night. Seriously, I've been staying up all night long this holiday, usually I spend those times watching Japanese dorama and online. I really need to fix my sleeping time since it's getting closer to the end of holiday. I think I'll sleep normally again starting Saturday. Anyway, this holiday is so boring. I thought it would be great to have a long holiday like a month. I thought I would have so much fun. I was wrong. I totally stuck in my house, almost have nothing to do and that's sucks. Well, I went to NF a few times to meet my mabit friends and I had good times there, but I can't go to Mampang every day because of some reasons. I did meeting up with my bestfriend from highschool, Danty, who goes to University of Diponegoro in Semarang, so we can only meet in holiday. But that's just once, since her house is too far from my house, eventhough we live in the same city, I can't see her as much as I want to. Oh, last week I went to Car Free Day with my friends, Maya and Fahda. You know, a cycling event in Jakarta which is held once in every two weeks. It was quite fun, I and my friends were biking from Kuningan to Monas. My bike was really slow because there was something wrong with the wheels. But that was totally fun. It's been a while since my last exercise so my body felt so tired and I couldn't move my legs after that. Hahaha how lame.

That was a little bit about how my holiday was. Hmm... what else to say yaaa?

The Gokusen manga
Oh, I've been talking about Gokusen dorama lately, right. You might already get bored with it, but I really love the drama hehe. Btw, I've been reading Gokusen manga for the past one month in. The plot was almost the same with the dorama, about the young woman from Yakuza family named Kumiko Yamaguchi aka Yankumi who attends Shirokin Gakuin to be a teacher and happened to be a homeroom teacher for 3-D class which is filled by nothing but delinquents who do not have respect for teachers (you can read the live action review here). But the storyline was totally different. Yankumi's character is a bit different from the dorama. She's more tomboyish and cool, unlike Yankumi in the drama who's kinda feminine and girly sometimes. What I love the most about this manga is the presence of "The Young Master Red Lion" aka Shin Sawada. Apparently, he got that nickname from Yankumi's Yakuza family because they really like Shin and they thought Shin is really fit to be the next Yakuza leader if Yankumi won't take that role. The manga was as funny as the live action, but the relationship between Shin and Yankumi looks way cuter in here than in the live action. I wish this pairing was exist in the dorama because the Gokusen live action was really good, but there was not much ShinKumi's romantic scenes in it. Eventhough at the last episode, Shin actually said to Shinohara-san that he likes Yankumi. But that's it. Shin didn't appeared in the 2nd and 3rd season. Well, that's okay. Anyway... the manga was not just tell about Yankumi's life with the students. It also tells  about Yakuza family's problems and their weird cultures which is funny sometimes. And Shin looks even more handsome in the manga. And also funnier. It was funny when Shin really tried to reach Yankumi's attention by following some weird advice from Yankumi's uncle (I forgot his name) who knew Shin's feeling towards Yankumi. You can't find those parts in the live action :(

Anyway, this manga is really recommended. Hehe since the storyline is so different with the live action, you won't get bored. Even, there are some surprising part in the manga. And seriously, Shin Sawada is freaking gorgeous :D

Yankumi and Sawada Shin in Yakuza style
"The Young Master Red Lion"
Yankumi with her students, Shin, Kuma, Uchi, Noda, and Minami
The best pairing teacher and student ever....
Nah, that's all for today. I really need to sleep now because I haven't sleep at all since last night. Bye bye.. :D

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