Tuesday, February 1, 2011


First of all, let me apologize to you for didn't notice that today is your birthday. If I didn't open my facebook, I think I will never know that February 2 is belong to your birthday. WHAT A STUPID FRIEND. Yes, you can mad at me. You can hit me for being so fool. I don't even prepare anything for you. I'm the worst friend ever, ever, ever.... :(

Anyway, I want to have some throwbacks. Do you remember our first conversation was on twitter. You were a new mabiters from the 2nd selection. We both talked a lot in twitter, but we never really speak to each other in Mabit. I can't remember how could we be this close. I think our friendship (and Aroma's friendship) started when Stase. I don't remember since when exactly you became one of my bestfriends. One of the closest friends I ever have. All I know is now you mean a lot to me. You help me in Linguistic, and I really thank you for that. I don't think I'll survive if you're not around to help. We both went to UI to take the printings books of Linguistic. Do you remember how annoyed we were. But do you also remember how much laughs we had every time we went through those bad times together? Even those mabiters call you and me twins because wherever I am, you must be always right beside me. I think it's not enough to say "Thank You" to you. I mean, you've done too much for me. I am so grateful to get to know you.

Actually, I got a lot to write about us, but I just don't know how to write it down. Hehehe, well, once again, happy birthday Fadhlia Najmia. I pray the best for you. I hope you have the best of luck and may Allah always be with you (I'm sure He will :)) Stay awesome, and keep makes people around you laugh. 

With love, Denisa!

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