Monday, January 31, 2011

The Loneliness

You turn on the television. As usual, the soap opera that your mother always watch everyday is playing right now. Of course, that drama is nothing compared to drama in your life. You get bored. You turn off the TV. Even the internet, those awesome websites, can't make you feel better. The loneliness that you felt in such a big house with more than enough gadgets to enjoy. There is something in your heart that doesn't feel right. You're curious. Why are these things can't make you feel... right? Even, those DVDs you always watch can't make you laugh this time. You grab your phone, trying to find someone to talk. You found your bestfriend's number and about to call her. You stopped. Then you start thinking: Why on earth I should bother my friend with my own problems. I'm not a kid. You put down your phone. You get back to your room. You turn off the light and laying on bed. You look up at the rooftop. You felt empty. You are alone in the world. You pissed off. There are so many people outside. Why am I still feeling this lonely? Suddenly your eyes catches a dark shadow in the wall. You look at that shadow for a while.... and then you smiled relieved and said, "Thank God, I am not alone."  

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