Friday, October 22, 2010

Day #18 A Mother

I'm sitting in front of my computer like I always did tonight. My mom came in to my room and kiss my cheek suddenly, then she said "My God, it feels so good kissing my daughter." And that's why I decided to write about her tonight ;)

My Mother. She's probably the most royal person I know in my life. She always give me everything I want whenever I asked her. Yea, no kidding. EVERYTHING. My mom is kind of mother who will go across the sea and even the ocean just for her children. She loves to talk too much and tell people she met the same story over and over and over and over again. Yeah, sometimes I have to run away when she needs someone to talk cause I know she would only tell me the old stories that she's been repeat in the whole of my life. I know I shouldn't do that and better sit and listen to her but, well... I'm only human :P

She usually calls my little brother and pulls him close to her, and then she will attacks him with a lots of kiss and tickling. She would do the same thing to me but I usually locked myself in my room so she can't reach me (oh my God, what kind of daughter I am =_="). She's a very stubborn woman, and she transmit that character to her children. Yeah, me and my two brothers are such a stubborn.

When she's angry to all of us, she will threaten us and said "I'm not gonna do this and that to all of you anymore." But in fact, she never keep her words. She must be will back to her royal personality when she's feeling better and then she will open her hands for us and offering us a lots of stuffs to buy in order to make us happy :)

The best thing about Her that I really love is she will do everything just to make people that she loves happy. And as a return, she wants us to always be there whenever she need it. It such ashamed that I can't spend a lot of time with her anymore since I'm so busy right now :|

But soon when I let go off this busy times, I'll give the whole of my time to her again. I promise ;)

She's pretty awesome mother of mine
Ya, seriously. She's awesome :)

PS: Sorry if I mess up with the grammar. Masih belajar ><

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